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Ok, so last week simply did not go well. A couple of bonehead picks by me, a couple of legitimate surprises, and a couple of games where I was a couple of points off on the spread. So now I have a chance to redeem myself. After a classic Costanza pick that I nailed last night, this week is at least off to a good start. I'm also slightly more interested in many of these games, although it's been an interminable week for me. So we'll see how she plays. On to the picks.

Wisconsin AT Iowa (Pick 'em)

This one is sort of a gimme in my book. I'm sorry, but Iowa has looked awful this year, losing to both Indiana and Northwestern. I mean, that's just not very good. I wonder if Drew Tate is really 100%, but he's been so lousy most of the year I hardly think it will matter. This line simply perplexes me. The Badgers have been very underrated this year, with their lone loss to Michigan. They win this one, 21-13.

South Carolina +11 AT Florida

I just think it's too many points. I mean, Florida hasn't been blowing out their opponents, including Vandy last week. Furthermore, South Carolina has played several excellent opponents very close. I know Meyer will throw the kitchen sink at the Old Ball Coach, but that doesn't mean the Gators are suddenly going to be a juggernaut. They have been grinding out victories all season, so why should it change now? While Arkansas may have gashed the Gamecocks last week, Florida doesn't have any runners who could hold McFadden's jock. This one stays close, but the Gators prevail, 24-21.

Nebraska +1.5 AT Texas A&M

Ugh, I literally made that sound when I saw this game on the slate. But we still have to pick it. Frankly, it reeks of a Franchione special. After a close loss last week, his team will come out completely flat and shit the bed. In a battle of entirely mediocre coaching, I am going to pick the one who doesn't need to do an excellent job to get his troops to forget about last week and prepare for their next foe. Frankly, that's all anyone needs to know about this one. The Huskers take it, 30-14.

Notre Dame -10.5 AT Air Force

I still think the Golden Domers are a lucky, lucky bunch. They should probably have 3 losses, and be fighting to stay ranked. But, as it stands they have a single loss, and a potent aerial attack. While I think Air Force will run all over them, much like Navy did, I think they will fall behind by too much, and get too tired to stick around after halftime. I think Notre Dame will have another season where their record is totally misleading. We may finally learn about them against USC, and who knows what the Trojans will be when they meet. But yeah, they are going to continue their domination of the service academies. The Irish ground Air Force, 38-20.

Arkansas -4 vs. Tennessee

A couple of reasons for this pick. First, Tennessee starts a redshirt freshman in a hostile environment with the sounds of pig squealing and completely insane fans around every corner. I don't care if I think Ainge is a choker, I just can't feel good about Crompton in this one. Second, the Vols gave up 231 rushing yards to an LSU team that has really struggled on the ground this season. Well, Arkansas hasn't. McFadden is a load carrying the ball, and he is going to run roughshod over any defender not willing to take a serious lick. Finally, Tennessee has some suspension issues this week, and I don't think they've recovered from the let-down of last week. Arkansas has everything to play for, and they take this one, 27-21.

Wake Forest +5 AT Florida State

Um, this game isn't being played in 1997. I really don't understand this line. I do understand the sentiment that maybe the Deacons have overachieved, and haven't quite chased away all their demons (pun intended), as their loss to Clemson would attest to. And yet, this is just too high. I think the Seminoles have an excellent shot of winning this game. But if they do, the Wake won't go down without a fight. The same cannot be said for Bowden's boys. I know they dominated Virginia, but that team is awful (I should know). They simply haven't shown enough heart. Really, for me it's simply too many points. In fact, I'll say that Wake hangs on, but barely, 21-20.

USC -7 vs. Oregon

As long as the men of Troy don't start incredibly slowly, they should be able to take this one. It's been a long, long time since someone came into the Coliseum and escaped with a victory, and I don't see it happening this time, either. Especially with such a streaky Ducks team on the other side of things. USC has not been dominating teams this season, but I think everyone has written them off way too much. We knew they were young and would have bad days, and they played pretty much the worst possible game and were within a conversion of tying that game. Carroll has been working on creating turnovers ever since, and they'll get a couple on Saturday. USC fights on, 34-24.

Last week: 3-5
Thursday: 1-0 (Costanza pick)
Season: 34-23-1


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