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I have to comment about last night's game, and I feel like I could go about a million different directions. I know I said Rice wouldn't run like Slaton or White, but what I hadn't remembered is that White and Slaton didn't get to run as much in the 4th quarter, and not the way they wanted to. Rice simply wore down the Cardinals defense, and was much fresher than the tacklers. For such a small man, he consistently pushed the pile, and initiated contact with defenders. While he may have been shorter than the woman correspondent who interviewed him at the end of the game, he showed tons of heart. Gotta love the kid.

I'm still not sold on Rutgers. They were far too close to being completely run out of that stadium, and I know Teel has some serious holes in his game right now. I also know that they lined up against Louisville and won the game, no doubt about it. I also know that I was dead wrong about their home field advantage. In their nationally televised game against UConn it took me several minutes to figure out the home team since the fans seemed virtually non-existent. That was NOT a problem last night. Great job by them.

Louisville missed Bush. They needed somebody to move the chains and balance to offense to give Brohm time. The offensive line ended up losing this game for Petrino's bunch. They missed assignments, provided zero push, and couldn't keep a swarming Scarlet Knights line off of Brohm. He was sacked five times, and pressured more times than I can count, including the interception where his own lineman was literally pushed into him as he threw. I must say, as much as I'd been excited about the possibility of Louisville in the title game, I'm glad now that it didn't happen. Can you imagine what Michigan's front seven would have down to Brohm and company? He'd have ended up in the hospital. Rutgers showed a nice rush, and they have some defensive talent, but some of those boys from the Big Ten or SEC would have literally swallowed that offensive line whole. I would predict sack totals in double digits. What we learned is that Louisville had yet to play a team willing and able to bring real pressure, and play meaningful defense, and this team wilted when faced with an opponent determined to smack them in the mouth.

So what of Rutgers? I really don't know. If they go undefeated, I don't see them in the title game. Too much ground to make up. And I don't know how I feel about that. I honestly kind of feel like Boise St. would have an excellent chance of beating them, and I haven't been pushing for the Broncos to play for a title. So can I say that Rutgers should? I also feel like there is a very real chance that I won't have to worry about it, and that WVU takes out the Scarlet Knights, and everyone forgets this conversation ever happened. And look, I don't believe in a playoff. I love the system as it stands. It means literally every game matters. I guess I'd say let an undefeated Rutgers team play another BCS foe, Notre Dame or someone, and if they win they can split the title. And if they lose, well, then they get nothing and I can watch the title game in peace. As for the other teams who benefitted from this game? Well, the list is simply too long to mention, but several SEC teams, Texas and USC/Cal are feeling pretty good about life right now.


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