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Wow, a great game almost worthy of the hype. Of course, I was dead wrong, again. I think Rich Rodriguez summed it up pretty perfectly, "If you (turn the ball over) against a good football team at their place, you're going to get beat". Yep, West Virginia had six fumbles (losing three) gave up a special teams touchdown (on what, a 25 yard punt?) and committed seven penalties, including several personal foul calls. Um, when playing in possibly the biggest game in the history of your school, you might want to execute a little better. At the same time, take nothing away from Louisville who simply gashed the Mountaineers defense. They were virtually unstoppable the entire game. By being able to gain yards at will on the ground, Louisville kept WVU off balance defensively, and Brohm simply torched their unproven secondary. A virtuoso performance. That team is going to be very difficult to beat, especially in their own backyard.

Anyways, on to the picks. Once again, it's a shorter version, but hopefully the calls will be accurate.

LSU -2 AT Tennessee

I finally think this is the week the Vols come back to earth. LSU will be physical with them, and will force Ainge into some mistakes. The Tigers finally win a big game, 20-17.

Tulsa -4.5 AT Houston

I know I talked up Houston earlier this year, and I do like the changes that have taken place there. But Tulsa has already rebuilt, and they are rolling right now. They continue to do so, 33-27.

Boston College -4 AT Wake Forest

Ugh, can I pick both teams to lose? It's not that these are bad teams, it's just that I have a sneaking suspicion that they are both going to blow a totally winnable game in the next couple of weeks. I guess I just think that it's this week for Wake, and at Miami for BC. The Eagles build up false hope, 27-20.

Nebraska -6 vs. Missouri

I will continue betting against Mizzou until they really break through. Although I sort of hate backing Callahan. But I bet they still find a way to slip into the Big 12 Championship game, so everyone will buy their hype, and fail to realize that the entire conference is garbage. Huskers take it, 30-20.

Oklahoma St. +16.5 AT Texas

I have two words for you "garbage touchdowns". The Cowboy offense is explosive, the Longhorns defense got torched through the air last week. Oklahoma St. has jumped out to big leads in this game in recent history, but has sort of fallen apart later. Just like Texas Tech last week. Anyways, their offense is too explosive to lose by this much, but Texas will handle them, 38-27.

Arkansas -2 AT South Carolina

I generally have a thing with road teams, and it's been pretty good to me. I think that the Hogs have another loss in them, but I don't think it's this week. Although South Carolina looks poised for an attention grabbing win. The Razorbacks pull out a close one, 24-20.

Miami +2.5 vs. Virginia Tech

The Hurricanes have given the Hokies fits through the years, and I think Miami has gotten its' losing out of its' system for awhile. If Tech manages to win this one, well, at least I won't have to pick another Miami game this year. I honestly hate both teams. Miami wins, and no one gives a shit because it's a totally uninspiring game, lots of Tech turnovers, 21-14.

Oklahoma -3 AT Texas A&M

A gimme, mostly because this is EXACTLY the kind of game that A&M annually fucks up. Or, they could win it and drive the hype machine insane before totally collapsing to Texas in the finale. I could really see it going either way. But seriously, how could I pick the Aggies in this one? Boomer Sooner, 30-13.

Last week: 5-2
Thursday: 0-1 (duh)

Season: 30-18-1


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