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Posted by Walter

I was right about Boston College, and Virginia Tech. The Hokies were exposed as total frauds and have proved to be nothing more than a product of their pathetic schedule. The Eagles, on the other hand, played their best game of the season while holding the Tech offense to 21 total yards in the second half. So long as Matt Ryan's ankle is close to 100% when they march into Tallahassee on Sat., Tom O'Brien's club will have an opportunity for a program changing type win.

I was wrong about USC. Something is definitely wrong with their offense, since they couldn't even top 30 points against the disgraceful Sun Devil defense at home. While the Trojans no longer have Lendal White, Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart, it is arguable that they have more talent at every other offensive position that in years past (especially at O-Line and Wide Reciever). Yet, even playing the dregs of their schedule they haven't been able to put it together.

I was right about the Michigan State-Ohio State matchup. Jim Tressel looked almost bored playing Nixon to John L. Smith's McGovern at East Lansing on Sat, as his Buckeyes absolutely rolled a Spartans team that has no doubt quit on their coach. Mind blowing statistic: since taking the lead 37-21 against Notre Dame, Michigan State has been outscored 111-40.

Well, I guess the Spartans have done a little bit
better than George McGovern!

I was wrong about Missouri. I still think they are a very talented team with a bright future (especially at QB with Chase Daniels), but in picking them on the road this week I did forget that they have an utterly clueless coach in Gary Pinkel. His decision to take a delay of game penalty at the A&M 4 yard line, and then fake a field goal from the 9 (they came up 2 yards short) was one of the most puzzling I have ever seen.

I was right about NC State. Chuck Chuck's Wolfpack outgained Wake Forest by nearly 100 yards, but still came up short because of terrible discipline. Penalties
at inpportune times, special teams meltdowns, and repeatedly giving up big plays sealed NC State's fate in a game they absolutely had to have. Just as predicted Chuck Chuck's team bought their own hype, while Jim Grobe's squad rebounded very impressively from a terrible loss last week to Clemson. The difference between having a good coach and a terrible coach was illustrated nicely in this game.

Hey Chuck Chuck, maybe spend some more
time coaching your team, and less time
working on your tan you George Hamilton
admiring disgrace to coaching!

No offense George, you still look great.

I was wrong to jump off the Auburn bandwagon. They are still one of the most physical and well coached teams in the nation, and since it is very unlikely that more than one team will finish the season undefeated, they still have a shot at the national title game. Two performances worth noting from Auburn's bullying of Florida on Saturday: senior DE Quentin Groves who absolutely took the game over in the 2nd half, and red shirt freshman ILB Tray Blackmon who played like a man demonically possessed in his first game back from suspension. Auburn's defense just got a whole lot tougher.

I was right about Florida not being tough enough on offense to beat Auburn. That said, they could have won the game if not for a special team blunder that handed Auburn 7 points. The Florida defense proved to be every bit as physical as the Auburn offense (a huge compliment), but the Gator offense, particularly Chris Leak, showed just how soft they were in the second half. Leak did nothing to shed his reputation as a one who wilts when the lights are the brightest, by putting up a 9-17, 108 yard day, and throwing a horrible interception at the worst possible time. Leak isn't tough enough physically or mentally to lead this team to a national title. He looked like a dear in the headlights against Auburn, and is proving to be the type of player Steve Spurrier never put up with (no matter how talented he may be).

Good God, that...that's Tim Tebow's music!

I was wrong about Georgia. They aren't just overrated, they are a downright bad football team. Against Vandy, for once it wasn't the quarterbacks' fault. Joe T played his best game ever completing 11 of 17 passes for 151 yards and TD. While Matt Stafford put up a workmanlike 9-13 for 86 yards. The problem for Georgia was once again a defense that has proven to be nothing more than a product of some terrible offenses early this season, as well as a running game that has been nothing short of terrible. Going into the season, the Bulldogs were hoping to rely on their three headed tailback monster of Thomas Brown, Kregg Lumpkin and Danny Ware. While none of them have played terribly, neither have they stepped up and become major offensive weapons. Mark Richt is a good coach and will get this team back on track, but they are way too young to have ever been considered contenders in 2006.

I was right about Dirk Koetter. Seriously, I think he and John L. Smith are the same people. Has anyone ever seen them in a room together? Trailing by 7 with 1 minute to play against USC, Koetter punted the ball instead of running a 4th and 22 play, knowing th
at he had only 2 timeouts remaining. USC of course took the ball, ran one play and then trotted out victory formation two times to take a knee. Albeit, 4th and 22 is a difficult conversion, but punting the ball all but guaranteed the Sun Devils a loss, especially with the new clock rules (which forced Koetter to use one of his timeouts before USC even ran a play).

Wait who is the coach of Arizona State?
Is it this Dirk......

......or this Dirk?

Sadly, the latter might have beeen a better
choice against USC.


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