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Posted by Frazier

Well, Larry Coker is at it again. In a desperate attempt to save his job he is planning on reinstating receiver Ryan Moore. Of course it just so happens he might make it back on the field in time to play Georgia Tech in an absolutely crucial ACC game. Of course he is. Also notice that Coker seems much more concerned about Moore's physical shape than serving his punishment. Coker gives no reason for his reinstatement, no "he has served his punishment" or "he has completed the rehabilitation program" or "he has met the academic goals we set" instead Coker was concerned about whether he had enough practice time to be effective. "He's not cleared to play yet," Coker said. "We'll see how the week goes. That's why he needs to practice. Again, he's talented. The question was asked, how did he look? He looked good." The question obviously wasn't "has he been punished enough for someone who assaulted two women?" Coker is an absolute fraud. Once again, the U's priorities are football first, everything else second.


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