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Posted by Walter

I was right about the Louisville-Miami matchup. Brohm's deadly accuracy on the crossing patterns and underneath routes opened the field vertically for Mario Uruttia (rather than the other way around) and was ultimately the Hurricane's undoing. On offense, Miami couldn't get anything going against a Cardinals front 7 that is better than they get credit for. Miami really missed Ryan Moore, or any other gamebreaking WR, as they were unable to take advantage of the less skilled Louisville secondary. You think that may come into play against West Virginia.

I was wrong about the Michigan-Notre Dame matchup. Well, kind of. Michigan won the game exactly how I argued they could in my "Why Michigan Will Win" post. The problem was that I didn't buy that argument when making my picks. The Notre Dame defense showed its true colors when forced to defend against a complete offense. The Irish have proved they can stop a one dimensional team, but Mike Hart, Chad Henne, Mario Manningham, and Co. were just way way way too much.

I was right about Tennessee and Erik Ainge. They played tough on defense, and Justin Harrell's performance was inspiring, but they were clearly the inferior team on Sat. Erik Ainge reverted back to his old mediocre self while Chris Leak carried his team when he needed to. Tennessee's offense was totally overmatched, needing a trick play to stay in the game, which, not so coincidentally, produced the best Tennessee passing play of the day (it wasn't thrown by Ainge).

I was wrong about Florida. They may be the most talented team in the country top to bottom. They have game breakers on offense (Leak, Caldwell, Harvin), and a ferocious defense (Siler, Moss). They are more complete and more balanced than any team in the top 10 and if not for a brutal schedule (which is looking easier by the week by the way) they might be the favorite to win the SEC.

I was right about Clemson. That spread was absolutely absurd. Like I said, if not for that flukey play at BC the spread would have been 1 or 2 points. Clemson was clearly the better team against FSU and would have blown them out if not for some inexcusable special teams breakdowns.

I was wrong about Bill Callahan. Nebraska has a ton of offensive talent but Callahan's gameplan was as ridiculous as the play of the Clemson PAT unit. Nebraska is a West Coast offense team yet they only attempted 17 passes the entire game. They averaged 1.9 yards per carry yet still attempted 36 running plays! USC never put the game away, and Callahan's gutless play calling cost his team a chance to win.

I was right about Oregon being total frauds. They couldn't handle Oklahoma all day and needed a desperation play, several blown calls by the officials, and yet another desperation play to win a game at HOME. Honestly, the Ducks stink. They were lucky to win against Fresno, and they were touched by the hand of God against Oklahoma. This isn't karma, it's luck. Oklahoma badly outplayed them and deserved to win that game. Oregon's season will be all downhill from here.

I was wrong about Oklahoma's defense. As bad as the refs were, the Sooners defense still had a chance to step up and make a play. They didn't, they lost. I was shocked Bob Stoops commented on the officiating rather than taking his defense to task for letting Oregon march down the field twice in the last two minutes. Put it this way, Bill Belichick would never have made those comments.


care to make a comment about nc state vs. BC this weekend??

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