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Posted by Frazier

Just felt the need to explain the official 323 rationale regarding the Heisman race. While from time to time either of us might mention someone as a "Heisman hopeful" or "having a shot at the Heisman" we aren't really into tracking individual awards this early in the season. We feel that we should give all players an equal opportunity to state their case for the prize before we start picking favorites. With our power rankings we understand that by the end of the year there will only be a couple of undefeated teams, and so what we think now ultimately won't decide the thing. This is less true of the Heisman, where perception is often a lot more important than results. So at some point later in the year we'll start handicapping the Heisman race, and maybe some of the other major awards, but for now we just want to take the opportunity to enjoy the performances, and evaluate all these players in a vaccuum.


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