2nd and Short  

Posted by Frazier

Like my counterpart, I am 24 and a Boston native and current resident. I work in government and am more than happy to waste your taxpayer dollars talking about college football, and debating questions like "Who is the greatest Nebraska fullback?"

As a graduate of the University of Virginia I am completely devoted to my beloved Hoos. However, they drive me completely insane, and the team has no direction, a terrible coach, overrated recruits, and no semblance of a plan. So we probably won't be discussing them much.

I'm pretty much just a rabid fan, although I don't have the football background of the big man. I've been addicted to the game since Alabama beat Miami in the Sugar Bowl, and George Teague made one of the most ridiculous plays you'll ever see, but since it was called back on a penalty, it never even happened. I watch the game, I love the game, I debate the game. And some of the best times of my life have either been at a college football game, or watching one at home. I don't know if I'll ever be happier than I was when Tommie Frazier and the 'Huskers rolled through the despised Gators for the title. For now, it's time to don the blackshirts and start talking some football.


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