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Posted by Walter

About me: I am a 24 year old law student who was born and raised in Boston, MA. I love football in all of its forms, but college football is my favorite. I played three years of varsity football in high school, but a severe injury precluded me from playing in college. A few years after hanging up my cleats, I picked up a whistle and have coached high school football for past three seasons.

My idol is the great Bear Bryant. This blog is my homage to him (323 being his career win total). I consider Bear Bryant to be the greatest coach in the history of team sports, but perhaps more important were his social and economic contributions to the state of Alabama.

Why do I think I am qualified to have my own college football blog? Well, basically I watch and study more football than anyone. I have blue books strewn across my bedroom, filled with offensive plays and defensive schemes. I attend games from all levels (NFL, College and High School-which happens to be my favorite). I have broken down hundreds of hours of game film. I know this great game better than anything else in my life.......if I didn't think I was qualified for this, I'd have a big problem.


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