BC: Ever to Excel (But not too much)  

Posted by Frazier

First, it appears that the big man is unaware that I rep the 323 in my resume. So if Mr. or Ms. interviewer is reading this, just remember, I'm the other guy on the blog, and am not responsible for however my colleague chooses to label his posts.

That said, he's completely right.

BC firing Jags was about the stupidest, most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I don't really need to go over all the points because that's been covered, I just thought I'd add my two cents.

1 cent: I just discovered that the BC motto is "Ever to Excel". This move is distinctly against that lofty goal. I'm pretty sure the goal is to win football games, and to produce fine young men. It seems that Jags was doing a good job on both measures. You play for championships. You play for that one shot at glory. Teams dream of perfection. They dream of trips to the Orange Bowl, or a miraculous run to the national title. Jags was the kind of coach who gave his team a reason to dream. I think I speak for virtually every sports fan that I would prefer one magical season, one chance at glory, followed by a hunt for a new coach, over fifteen years of mediocre seasons under the same guy.

I care about the results, not the man pacing the sidelines. If Jags gets them that Orange Bowl and moves on, I'm happy for him. He gave me an incredible season, and then he pursued the opportunity of his dreams. I'm pretty sure that's a win-win. In fact, it may be a win-win-win because some new team is getting a great coach.

I don't really care if having to search for a new coach every couple of years is a nuisance for the AD. I'm pretty sure that's his job. I'm a fan. I want my team to WIN FOOTBALL GAMES! I'd prefer that they didn't cheat or promote thuggery to achieve that end.

I'm sorry, but if you're an AD who believes loyalty is more important that winning, then you're in the wrong profession. Go play with basset hounds or something.

2: It's downright fraudulent for DeFilippo to get all offended and cry and moan about "loyalty". Where, exactly was that loyalty when he bolted 'Nova to take the same job at BC? He can take pride in lasting a whole 4 seasons in Philly before bolting. Hell, Gene wasn't even loyal to THE BIG EAST! I mean, talk about loyalty. He got out of there like a rat from a sinking ship. And I've got a strange feeling that Gene wouldn't have been loyal to Jags if the team had consecutive 3-9 seasons.

One gets the feeling that Gene has not made BC a great place to be a football coach. I mean, O'Brien made the bizarrely lateral move to NC State. I'm going to guess it's because BC has proven that it doesn't have the inclination to make themselves an elite program. I guess being the best college football team in New England is their lofty goal, and yet, I feel like UConn is hot on our heels.

Gene, we're not children. You're a businessman. Grown ups try and do what's best for themselves and their families. It would be nice if no one ever broke their promise, or broke a contract. But contracts get broken, and the rest of the world just deals with it. So get off your high horse, and go find a winning coach. You showed you know how to get them, but you also showed you know how to lose them. Great work.


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