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Posted by Frazier

I'm not entirely sure the point that my esteemed colleague is trying to make here. I mean, I understand that he believes that Michigan should only be hiring "the best". That said, I'm pretty sure that Robinson has a sterling resume. Let's look at your points:

1 (Overrated as NFL coach): He has coached four defenses in the top ten in the NFL (the big man has counted 3 years, I came up with 4, but whatever) and won a pair of Super Bowls. And as much as the big man may say those were offensive teams, it probably didn't hurt that they sported top ten defenses, including the 1998 squad that gave up 25 points in their 3 playoff games, and forced 13 turnovers. Not quite sure I have to argue that he was RESPONSIBLE for a pair of Super Bowls to still make the point that he was the coordinator of a very good, championship winning defense.

2 (limited ties to the college game): He was also the coordinator at Texas, which is not exactly a joke of a job. If he doesn't leave for the 'Cuse he's the guy running the defense in the national title season instead of Chizik. I'm just saying, if he was a good fit at Texas (and I'd argue that he was) is he suddenly a bad fit at Michigan?

If we're going to hold a guy sucking as a head coach against him after being the DC at Texas, I'm pretty sure Chizik would fail that test as well.

The guy he coached under with the Jets? Pete Carroll, you've probably heard of him.

I know the big man says he doesn't have deep roots for recruiting, but I'm pretty sure I'd be open to playing for a guy rocking a pair of Super Bowl rings. Especially if that guy has tons of NFL ties. Don't overlook this. Guys like Al Groh are terrible coaches, but use NFL ties to recruit very good players. Or guys like Carroll, or guys like Butch Davis or Charlie Weiss or Saban. Elite players are interested in coaches they think can help them get to the next level.

If you can find me another college coordinator who has a pair of Super Bowl rings, and coached 4 top ten NFL defenses, then I'm all ears.

3: (firing English was a mistake): Now, I agree 100% that firing Ron English was a colossal mistake. But, he's gone now. I guess I'd argue that Robinson might not be the sexiest name around, but he's never lost a bowl game, he's got a pair of rings, he put together an eventual national championship defense and he has strong NFL ties. But you're right, he is not, in fact, Ron English.

4 (ten best coaches): Not quite sure what to say here. He has probably as good as resume as just about any college defensive coordinator not named Monte Kiffin. I mean, he has a lot more accomplishments than a guy like Heacock, or even Venables. Also, the only team that seems to be able to draw NFL guys back to college is USC, hiring someone like Bates. (And once again, Kiffin, who is coaching for his friggin son). As far as I can recall, Tennessee is the only other team sporting a Super Bowl winning DC as their current DC. Point is, there isn't a flood of NFL guys bolting to the college game, no matter how much money is on the table. Name another college team that has gone out there and done that.

I think you can have issues with how Rick Rod has run things. I think you can argue that Robinson is not the best fit in the world. But I think it's a little short-sighted to say that this is a "bad" hiring in any way. I think Michigan has hired an experienced, knowledgable, successful and well-connected DC.


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