Don't Call It A Comeback!  

Posted by Frazier

Did you miss us?

I can only imagine your lives haven't been the same since The 323 went into hibernation last year. Well, the long nights of crying yourself to sleep are officially over. The 323 is back.

Why the return? Well, a couple reasons.

1: We missed writing about this stuff. The 323 is just plain fun.

2: We have been having the same conversations we would have had on the blog via e-mail. It's not like the big man and I stopped talking college football.

3: Turns out we can manage doing it despite school/work. Although it will probably be slightly more sporadic. Still, it's a pretty good outlet.

4: Projects. We have a couple of exciting ideas lined up, and we decided that this is the right forum for getting them out into the world.

5: Because you begged.

6: Because I found a bunch of old comments on our posts that I had failed to mediate telling us we were morons for saying the Big 12 South was far superior to the North. I miss being right about these things.

Anyways, welcome back to faithful readers who had given up hope. And a big welcome to anyone checking in. Hopefully we won't suck.


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