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Posted by Frazier

WOW! Michigan got themselves an amazing hire. Rodriguez is one of the best coaches in the country, and will make the Big 10 an interesting league for a change. I'm thrilled.

Now, WVU fans are reasonably distraught. However, let's settle down here. Rodriguez didn't lie to anyone. You HAVE to say you're committed to your job, there's no option there. I believe he was. I also believe that Michigan is one of the top two or three jobs in the country (prestige-wise). I think Coach Rod realized that if his team couldn't break through this year, it was never happening, and he just couldn't turn down a once in a lifetime opportunity. Also, WVU is a nice place and all, but it's a second tier school in a second tier conference.

Also, I have heard some WVU fans claim he blew the Pitt game on purpose, supposedly to get fired so as to get out of his huge buyout. Um, that's insane. His team choked. Maybe he should have handed to Slaton more, but Steve did average 1 yard/carry. Also, it's not like he hurt Pat White's hand, or forced his kicker to miss a pair of gimmes.

Also, how exactly was he going to get fired for that? For bringing his team to a second BCS game in three years, or within a hair of the title? He could lose the Fiesta 100-0 and still not have any chance of being fired.

He built that program. Nehlen was a mediocre coach, and that was a mediocre school. Coach Rod is one of the best in the nation, and made that team an annual national-title contender. He also recruited his ass off at a tough place to get commitments. WVU fans have every right to be hurt, but to bad-mouth the guy is inexcusable. There was too much of that after the Pitt game, and all this belly-aching now is just plain sad. You got dumped by your girl for the big man on campus, and now you're calling her a slut, and saying she was bad in bed or some shit.

Let's quote his players, "Coach Rod was a man about it." Give credit where credit is due. He did great things for that school, and should be remembered that way. Sometimes relationships just don't work out.


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