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Merry Christmas? Eh, not for everyone. Happy Hannukah? For even fewer. Kwanzaa? Don’t even get me started…..Oh, Happy New Year? Hmmmmm, we’re recovering from our third snow storm this week in the Northeast, what exactly is so happy about it? Sigh……..

Yup, there’s only one thing we can all actually agree on……..Happy Bowl Season!

Traditions are an important part of the holiday season, and we here at the323 have but one holiday tradition. That’s right, the Bowl pick off. Check in daily to track Frazier and Walter matching wits to decide who reigns supreme as the world’s ultimate college football expert…’ more of an unofficial position.

On to the picks:

The Poinsettia Bowl

Frazier: Utah -7.5 Over NavyUtah has an absolutely stellar bowl record, winning six in a row under three different coaches. Speaking of coaches, navy lost theirs, which may be difficult to overcome. The midshipmen will battle, and have plenty of local support, but don't mess with team December. Utes, 31-20.

Walter: Navy +7.5 over Utah

Losing Paul Johnson hurts, but to be honest his the best thing Johnson did was install the offense. Heck, Navy only runs 5 plays, I think I could call the game. That loss would hurt a lot more if they hadn’t already named Johnson’s replacement, and if that replacement wasn’t an internal choice. Screw it, I ain’t going against the first Somoan head coach in the history of football. Navy’s magical season ends just that way. Navy 30-28.


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