Bowl PIckoff - 12/29  

Posted by Walter

Liberty Bowl

Frazier: Miss. St. +3 over UCF

good luck kevin smith. the fighting croom's held mcfadden to one of his worst outings of the year, and every yard smith gains will be a tough one. i'll take the battle tested sec team, that is THRILLED to be playing in any bowl game, to take care of business here. let's call it 27-13.

Walter: Miss. St. +3 over UCF

Miss. St. was competitive in the SEC this year and their defense is very impressive. Plus this will be the first bowl game for every player on the team so they will be amped the entire game. Miss. St. was not, repeat not, terrible this year. It will be ugly, but Sylvester Croom gets the win outright. Call it 17-14.

Alamo Bowl

Frazier: Penn St. -5 over Texas A & M

coach fran is finally gone, but a&m hired the utterly uninspiring mike sherman to take over. i have a feeling that the players will be as flat as the search process was. on the flip-side, psu will be gunning for the aggies following comments that paterno should be coffin-shopping. also, morigami thrives in completely meaningless bowl games, so he'll be at his best. nittany lions, 30-17.

Walter: Texas A & M +5 over Penn. State

I like Joe Pa. I hate Morigami. I hate Coach Fran or Coach Sherman or whoever is in charge in college station. I like Stephen McGee. Frazier makes a great point about Morigami in a meaningless bowl game, but I'd rather hitch my ride to McGee. Call it 21-20 A & M.

Meineke Bowl

Frazier: Wake -1.5 over UConn

uconn will be facing the more-talented mirror image of themselves. however, while wake had some bad breaks (and boneheaded decisions, see the virginia debacle for examples) uconn had someone looking out for them this year. still, i can't back a team that got gift wins against the likes of louisville and temple this season, and got blasted by most of the good teams they faced. wake should roll, 31-20.

Walter: Wake -1.5 over UConn

I love Frazier's point hat Wake is a more talented version of UConn. It is dead on. But the key really is the talent on the Wake side. UConn has some nice players, but Jim Grobe had done a great job getting some elite talent to Winston Salem. Folks, this one won't be close. Wake takes it in a walk 30-13.

Bowl Pickoff Records

Walter: 7-4


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