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Posted by Frazier

Michigan -3 AT Wisconsin for $40

Classic gambling mistake. I'm down, so I'm going to try and make it all back quickly. Still, I LOVE this line. These are two teams going in completely opposite directions. I like how Michigan is playing, and although Wisconsin hung tough for awhile, Ohio St. ran roughshod over them late. If Beanie Wells is going to kill you on the ground, Mike Hart will finish the job. It's Wolverine time, to the tune of, 32-24.

Tennessee +1.5 vs. Arkansas for $10.

Games that scare me. I don't trust either team. The Hogs have burned me repeatedly, but McFadden is coming off a monster game. The Vols have really disappointed, and yet are still in control of their destiny in the SEC. Anyways, I'm picking the Vols since it never works out when I back Arkansas. Let's call it the Fulmer bunch, 27-24.

Florida -6.5 AT South Carolina for $20

So the Gamecocks don't like tough-running players who line up in the shotgun formation? Yeah, Tim Tebow is going to enjoy this. The Gators weakness has been defensively, especially in the secondary, but South Carolina is having quarterback issues. As in they both suck. Spurrier can get in the heads of some coaches, but Meyer has a title to his name, and won't be intimidated. Chomp, chomp, chomp, 34-17.

Auburn over Georgia for $20

I like the Tigers ability to take away one aspect of any team's offense. In this case, I don't trust Moreno to have much of a game. Stafford will need to step up, and he makes a couple of dumb mistakes a game. Troy scored more on the Bulldogs than I'm comfortable with. Let's call it 20-17 the Tubbervilles.

USC -4 AT Cal for $10

This game has lost some of its' luster, eh? I don't know what to make of either club. Both their seasons are officially busts, so it's hard to see what to make of this. Cal has a better win, but an extra loss. USC doesn't have any particularly good wins at all. I expect the game to be sloppy, and a lot less interesting that you'd expect. Let's call it Trojan time, 24-17.

Last Week: 2-2-1

Season: 24-24-2

Winnings to Date: Minus twenty. The vig'll kill you!


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