More on the Case for Hawaii  

Posted by Frazier

A quick note:

1) People want to harp on Hawaii's schedule, but they have a hard time scheduling people to play them. They are good enough to beat you, but not well respected enough to be worth beating. No one wants a piece of them. There's nothing they can do about their conference, and if major teams don't want to play them (Michigan, I'm looking your direction) it's hard to get on their case.

2) Ohio St. BEAT one ranked team. We don't really care how many ranked teams you play if you lose to them.

3) Washington beating Boise St. was an UPSET. It happens. Oregon beating USC wasn't a "bad" win just because USC lost to Stanford. Neither is the Boise St. win somehow meaningless because they had one bad game. Jeeze, they had a single loss in almost two full seasons AND a BCS win, maybe we should give them a little respect.

4) The Big Ten AND the Big East are weak conferences. Don't let the names on the front of the jersey's fool you.


KC   says 12:05 AM

Nope. I can't let this slide either.

1) You can't handicap teams based on location.

2) Right, I went over this in the other post. They beat one ranked team and the remaining schedule is vastly superior to that of Hawaii's. Again, you harp on this and makes no sense.

3) Rich. Okay, Illinois was just an "UPSET". It happens.

4) But much stronger than the WAC. This again doesn't strengthen your argument. I don't know why you keep using it.

You guys have this fixation on OSU when there are 8 other teams beside OSU ahead of Hawaii in the BCS (in order to get to the title game). Many of those teams have not 1 but 2 losses and still another with 3.

Chad   says 10:39 AM

What exactly has Michigan done to get called out like that? I don't see any other schools from the Big Ten, Pac-10, SEC, or Big 12 heading out to the islands. And if your getting on teams for scheduling cupcakes in their non-conference schedules, I'd take a look at Minnesota and some others before Michigan.

Also, why is it bad that teams don't want to travel that far when they don't have to? It's an equalizer for Hawaii, so why do it?


According to reports Michigan had an open date at the beginning of the year which Hawaii was desperate to fill.

However, Michigan ducked them and tried to schedule "cupcake" Appalachian St. instead (and we know how that turned out).

That game would have been played in the Big House, not out on the islands.

Hence our picking on Michigan.

To be fair, Michigan St. actually paid Hawaii to back out of their game. So we should be sending scorn their way.

Credit to Michigan for scheduling Oregon. That's more than most "major" teams can claim.

We're not saying teams have to GO to Hawaii, just to play them. No need for it necessarily to be a home and home arrangement.

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