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BC +7 over @ Clemson

Ugh how can I reconcile my two favorite things in College Football? The BC Eagles versus Cullen Harper (that's right I haven't forgotten). Most people may not realize, but this game should decide the ACC first team QB (as if that really mattered). Anyways, I think both teams play well, with the QB's being the difference makers. Matt Ryan is the better pro prospect, but Harper has the better talent around him in this game. There will be lots of points scored in this one, enough to keep the score closer than it should be. Clemson hasn't won the ACC in a long time. They take a major step in front of the home crowd, but BC makes them earn it. Give me BC with the cover (.....still hoping for the win), 35-32 for $10.

West Virginia -6.5 over @ Cincinati

This is actually a HUGE game with major national title implications. Bear with me on this one........West Virginia is currently 6th in the BCS rankings, which means they need to jump 4 teams to get into the title game. BUT, and it's a HUGE, ASTRONOMIC but, look at the teams ahead of them. #2 Oregon has already lost, they are out. The next three teams, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missourri, all play each other! At the very least, 2 of those 3 teams will lose. They have to. So with Oregon out of the picture, and two of those three teams guaranteed to be out of the picture, West Virginia's 6th ranking is, in actuality, a #3 ranking. I am not sure people realize that the Mountaineers are an Okie State or Texas Tech upset away from being in prime position to go to the show....and that's assuming LSU handles Arkansas and whoever they get in the SEC title game. You can be sure Rich Rodriguez knows that. And you can be sure he knows at this time of year style points matter. WVU big, 38-24 for $20.

@ Texas Tech +9.5 over Oklahoma

I may regret this one. In fact, you'll know within 5 minutes if the Raiders have any chance of staying with the Sooners. Not sure why I am going with Tech, just a hunch. But the Raiders are a much better team at home, and I am not certain the Oklahoma secondary, or any secondary for that matter, has an answer for Mike Crabtree. Tech should just huck it up to him 20 times and see what happens. Back to title implications, if Oklahoma holds serve against Tech and Okie State, they will pretty much set up a Big 12 title game against Mizzou or Kansas for a shot at the national title game. And you know what, they will have earned it too, Colorado loss be damned. Still, it won't come to that. Oklahoma may still win the Big 12 with 2 losses, but their national title hopes die on the field at Lubbock. Tech in a shocker 34-31 for $10.

Ohio State -4 over @ Michigan

So explain this to me. Chad Henne, Mike Hart and Jake Long haven't been able to beat Ohio State in three years. They spent all summer thinking about the Buckeyes. The obsessed about them so much that they dropped two straight to open the year. Then they beat up on the creampuffs that are the Big 10. Then they get blown out by Wisconsin because they were clearly looking ahead to OSU. How does this add up to Michigan being in this game? Hart and Henne weren't good enough to beat the Buckeyes the past three years, they ain't good enough now. I understand that Michigan has basically put all their eggs in this single basket, but that's no way to play a football game. Lloyd Carr coaches tight. Henne sucks as usual. And Mike Hart gives every iota of effort in his body to come up just short. Sound familiar? Yeah so does the result. OSU with an easier than it looks 27-20 win for $10.

@ Georgia -8 over Kentucky

Woah. Ding ding ding. We have a winner. Eight points? Isn't this the same Kentucky team that has lost three of its last 6 games? And isn't this the Georgia team that has exploded recently, scoring 40 points in three straight blowout wins including victories over Florida and Auburn? Look, I don't know who Knowshon Moreno is either, or where he hid his spaceship, but as long as he lines up in the backfield for the Dawgs, good things happen. Unless they need him back on his home planet before kickoff on Saturday, Kentucky is in for a looooooong afternoon. After all, Georgia needs some style points (and some luck with a TN choke) to get to the SEC title game and a shot at the BCS title. Georgia absolutely HUGE, 45-17 for $50.


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