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Ok I may have to go quick pick style here. Mostly because I've been traveling for the last couple of days. Well, also because the more I say, the more I have to be wrong about. Maybe the less I think, the better I'll pick.

Michigan +3 vs. Penn St.

There are three reasons I have to go with Michigan. First, we don't know a whole lot about either team. But we know that this is strength against strength, and I like the home team. I also simply do NOT trust PSU. Second, PSU has had an impossible time handling Michigan over the last decade. When in doubt, go with the trend. Third, well, if I jinx Penn St. the aforementioned PSU girlfriend will murder me in my sleep. I want to wake up Sunday, so I'm predicting a 28-24 Wolverine victory.

South Carolina +17 over @ LSU

This number is simply too big. There's no other reason. 17 points is a LOT to lay, especially to a Spurrier coached team. Especially a Spurrier-team with a very good defense. I don't think they're pulling the upset, but I really don't think they are getting blown out. LSU is winning, but Darth holds his team in striking distance, at 31-21.

Kentucky +7 over @ Arkansas

Let's see. Two teams with explosive offense and questionable defense. One of those teams beat Louisville in a shoot-out. The other lost to Alabama in a similar shoot-out. Now, Louisville is more explosive offensively than Alabama. McFadden will have a thousands yards of total offense in this one. Hell, the Hogs may even win the game. But Kentucky isn't going to be slowed down by the gambling man-coverage that Arkansas will be running out there. Wilson had an amazing game, but Woodson is a better player. He's going to have a hell of a game. But McFadden is better. I can't go against the Hogs, but it'll be a nail-biter. Let's call is Arkansas, 38-34.

Georgia +3.5 AT Alabama

I like the hangover line. I know Alabama had a great win against Arkansas. But I also know that Georgia and Richt are a quality opponent. Saban will do his best to keep his troops focused, but it's not going to help. I've got a good feeling about Georgia in this one. They have a quality defense, and a good young quarterback. The Bulldogs ruin the Bama party, 20-17.

Iowa +7.5 AT Wisconsin

I can't do it. I can't go against this line. I have serious concerns about Iowa after dropping a game to a terrible, terrible, terrible, Iowa St. team. I also have serious concerns about a Wisconsin team that has looked uninspiring against both UNLV and the Citadel. I liked Iowa as a sleeper, and Wisconsin as a disappointment. Basically, it's the perfect storm. We're going full upset style. Iowa 20-17.

Last Week: 1-3-1

Overall: 5-9-1


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