Power Rankings (Week 2)  

Posted by Walter

1. LSU

Walter – While USC sleepwalked through its first game against Idaho, LSU laid a whupping on both Mississippi State and, far more impressively, Virginia Tech. While everyone believe, and rightly so, that USC is the most talented team in the nation, there’s only one team in the country that laid the smackdown on a top 10 team. Oh, and FYI, while he’s not as steady as Matt Flynn, Ryan Perriloux looks like the next great SEC quarterback (take that Tim Tebow).

Frazier - It's impossible to ignore what LSU did. This ranking isn't really a reflection on USC, because that team is excellent, but they will have to be INCREDIBLE at Nebraska to challenge LSU at the top of the lists after what the Tigers did to VTech. No one was surprised by their defensive performance, but it was the offensive showcase against a very good, experience defense that caught my attention. They were seemingly scoring at will. LSU could be holding this down for a long time.

It was that type of day for VTech.

2. USC

Walter – USC has to be feeling pretty good about their chances in Lincoln after watching the Cornhuskers struggle with an already banged up Wake Forest team. I wouldn’t get too confident though. The Lincoln faithful have been waiting 5 years for a game like this that can vault their team back into the top echelon of college football. That stadium should be nothing short of electric…..especially when the Huskers opened the week a 10 point home dog.

Frazier - USC has to avoid making mistakes in a crazy Lincoln atmosphere. Also, the Trojans need to go for the jugular in a way that they didn't against Nebraska last year. It's ok to be quietly dominant at home, but against a proud team in their stadium, you simply have to put them away when you have the chance. That said, the Cornhuskers were uninspiring against Wake, so I doubt the Trojans are in much peril.

You can bet the stadium will be filled because in Nebraska, well there's just nothing else to do.

3. Oklahoma

Walter – I’ll say it right now, the Oklahoma Sooners are the only team in the nation that could consistently move the ball against either the LSU or USC defense. Simply put, Oklahoma has just a lethal combination of power and speed. They are the one offense that can grind you down with its superhuman offensive line, but also light it up with big play guys like Malcolm Kelly and Demarco Murray. If Sam Bradford continues his excellent play, this team will score a ton.

Frazier - I'm not necessarily a Sooner believer yet, but it's hard to ignore them this year. The way they absolutely demolished Miami was another wake up call to the nation. Once again, the defense did what everyone expected against a pathetic Hurricane offense, but it was the offense that was scary. That offensive line has looked very good, and Bradford has looked like a veteran out there. Right now the Sooners are banging on the door of the top tier with USC and LSU.

This was just about the only part of the game that was even.

4. West Virginia

Walter – Their last game against Marshall was a lot closer than the score indicated…..well it was in the first half. I don’t know what it is but the Mountaineers just don’t seem as crisp offensively this year as they have in years past. Maybe it’s a good thing. Rich Rodriguez’s teams have a tendency to fade down the stretch (as they did last year), so maybe a little adversity early will keep them on track. I mean am I crazy or does Steve Slaton just not look like himself?

Frazier - We have now reached the fatally flawed portion of the program. West Virginia is a scary-good offensive team. As if Slaton and White weren't terrifying enough, here comes Noel Devine to show everyone that he may be even better than the hype. However, they aren't always firing on all cylinders, and have looked sluggish against Marshall and for the first half against Maryland. The real concern is a defense that is all sheme and not substance. They have some nice players, but are going to have to win plenty of shoot outs.

Um what???? Actually I just thought this picture was kinda funny.

5. Louisville

Walter – 40+ points to Middle Tennessee State? Seriously? Louisville may have the most unstoppable run/pass offensive combination in the land, but they aren’t going anywhere if they can’t stop the other team. Watch out for this week’s game in Lexington. Brian Brohm vs. Andre Woodson should make for some fireworks, and as far as I can tell neither team even knows the meaning of the words “tackle” and “cover.”

Frazier - The Cardinals are practically twins to WVU. They also have an electric offense, but one that has better balance, and almost no defense. They had an absolute gun-battle with MTSU, which is not exactly a good thing. LSU, USC or Oklahoma would have beaten that team 45-3. Of course Louisville was able to put up almost 60, but that becomes more necessary when you are fighting for your season in the second half. Louisville and WVU stand a chance at the title because if they catch any team on a good day, they can score enough to win. That's all they need, a clean season and one good day in the title game. Still, they're walking a tight rope, because a bad offensive day, and they can lose to virtually anyone as well.

Get used to seeing a lot this.....the Louisville O is just unstoppable.

6. Florida

Walter – Yes, yes the Tim Tebow Gainesville love fest continues. Call me back when he finally beats a team with a pulse. On another note, that loud gulping sound you heard last Saturday was Gator Nation’s reaction South Carolina’s victory at Georgia. It’s like Florida is the rebel alliance in Star Wars. They’re thrilled to have Urban Meyer (Luke Skywalker), but even after he won a national title (blew up the Death Star at the end of Episode 4) the Gator faithful still fear the great and powerful Steve Spurrier (like I even have to tell you he’s Darth Vader).

Frazier - I hate that the big man is spilling the beans on the 323 college football-star wars analogy. Don't worry, there's a lot more coming. Anyways, Florida is here because they're the champs, and Tebow has looked great so far. Still, he hasn't done anything against a legit team. Now, the Vols aren't world beaters here, but they ain't chopped liver. This will be the Gators first legitimate challenge, and it should be a doozy. The fact that the game is in the Swamp may be their saving grace.

If Urban is Luke...........

......and Steve is Vader.....

........what does that make Ron Zook?.......

.......that's right, Zook is that fat fuck red leader who chokes
when he has the open shot to destroy the death star.

7. Ohio State

Walter – Well the offense was utterly uninspiring against Akron (20 points), but the defense was dominant (0 points allowed, the Zips only 2 points came on a safety). This Ohio State team actually reminds me of their national championship team in that they are going to rely on a strong running game, a dominant defense, and a weak schedule to climb the polls. What remains to be seen is whether Todd Boeckman can do a passable Craig Krenzel impression. We’ll find out this week when the Buckeyes travel to Washington to take on a Husky team that’s been hooked up to the juvenation machine (Seriously, is it 1991? Did I miss something?).

Frazier - This Washington game could be interesting. The Huskies have looked more than legitimate, while the entire Big Ten is under suspicion until they do something note-worthy. The Buckeyes were less than inspiring against Akron. The Buckeye offense needs to find itself a little bit. Putting up three points in the first half against the Zips was a disgrace. Fortunately for them, the most legit offense in the conference is a complete train wreck (hello Michigan) so they'll be facing plenty of slugfests going forward.

What's it gonna be Todd? Can you be Craig Krenzel?....or are you resigned
to a life as another Justin Zwick? We'll take a step towards finding out on Saturday.

8. California

Walter – Not a great performance on Saturday but we’ll chalk that up to two things. First, Cal was so jacked up for its revenge game against the Vols that they were bound to come back to earth a little. Second, Colorado State is better than we all think. Either way, as long as DeSean Jackson keeps making plays, and Justin Forsett stays healthy, this is going to be a tough team to beat.

Frazier - The Bears had a bit of a letdown against Colorado St. In fact, it was such a tremendous letdown that they almost blew their season. Still, they pulled together for the win. The way their offense plays, and their lack of defense, it's tempting to lump them together with WVU and Louisville, and if they were in a softer conference I would. But those teams won't have to face USC until a bowl game, potentially for the national title, while Cal has to pull its shit together defensively on more than one occasion to have the kind of season they're dreaming about.

Yup folks, DeSean's a dual threat.

9. Clemson

Walter – The Tiger’s probably aren’t the ninth best team in the country, but they are one of the few teams on this list that has the potential to improve substantially. Look, we all know what Davis and Spiller can do, but Cullen Harper looks like a keeper at QB, and this young offensive line should get better as the year goes on. With one of the better defensive front sevens in the ACC, they should be in the hunt unless the injury bug hits….again.

Frazier - Clemson should be pinching themselves. That sound you heard last weekend? That was the sound of the "big boys" in the ACC (Miami and V Tech) imploding. Clemson already beat FSU, and those other teams look more than mortal. Boston College is another team with just enough flaws to choke under the bright lights. So Clemson has to be feeling pretty damn good about itself right now. They have offensive-defensive balance, and explosive playmakers. The only bad part about last week was seeing Steve Spurrier and his boys emerge from between the hedges with a huge victory.

Orange is the new white.

10. Georgia Tech

Walter – I think it’s time for America to meet the next hot assistant coach who’ll be mentioned for every head coach opening this side of the Pac-10. Tech defensive coordinator John Tenuta is like one of those evil genius bomb makers who sits up at night in a secluded cabin drawing up blitz schemes by candlelight. He’s like the CEO of Pizza Hut, but instead of discovering every conceivable way to cram more cheese into pizzas he’s got every conjurable way to get guys into the backfield. These jokes doing anything for you? No. Well I don’t blame you, but Tech is going to be murder to play as long as Tenuta is sending blitzes from every possible direction…..and I’d bet he finds a new way to get a linebacker on top of a quarterback before Pizza Hut finds another place to put cheese (I mean they already filled the crust).

Frazier - This is the only other ACC team that has shown any kind of pulse so far. The Yellow Jackets defense is swarming (see, anyone can make these stupid jokes) and the offense just has to avoid mistakes (a la Reggie Ball) and score enough points to sneak out a victory. I know the big man is riding high because of his preseason sweating of this team, but we'll see if they can keep it up. So far, they've looked impressive as hell.

Bomber.....pizzamaker........whatever kind of mad genius
John Tenuta is this is the likely result.

11. Appalachian St.

These guys get the ultimate respect, and will appear in the rankings as #11 until they lose. While Michigan may be trying to forget them, the 323 won't be. It's our way of making a statement for the underdog, and of giving a little love to the 1-AA.

Dropped off.......

Wisconsin - it's just a matter of time at this point for these superfrauds

Just missed......

South Carolina - the shroud of the dark side grows ever closer
South Florida - Auburn sucks, but what Jim Leavitt has done in Tampa in just 10 seasons is nothing short of miraculous
Oregon - the offense looked unstoppable, I bet USC ain't looking forward to visiting Autzen Stadium


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