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Ok, I have to mention this article by Pat Forde (a 323 favorite) about Darren McFadden (aka the Swiss Army Running Back, and another 323 favorite). It's pretty incredible for a number of reasons:

1: McFadden's mother had a serious drug addiction, and TWELVE children. Darren has been through a LOT in his young life. Let's hope that his large family is a gift for him, and not a situation where his talents are being relied on to take care of everyone. That's just too much weight for any young man to bear.

2: McFadden's interview is hilarious. He literally says nothing. I'd like to think he was inspired by Bill Belichick.

3: I think the story about how he injured his toe is very telling. He did it kicking the shit out of a guy at a bar (bad) who was trying to steal his brother's car (well, good, he was standing up for his brother, that's admirable) at 4am (bad, why the hell was he at a bar, especially when he's only 19). He was wearing flip-flops at the time (moderately hilarious).

Sometimes even if you're trying to do the right thing, being at the wrong place at the wrong time is trouble enough. Also, he learned quickly that he's not just a football player. He has not only the weight of a large family who needs him, but also all of Razorback nation on his shoulders. As much as I'm incredibly excited about what he will do this year and in the future (he will be a beast at the next level) I'm worried that having to carry so much will be too tough for him to take.
Super utility knife, or Arkansas running back?
McFadden is both. Hell, with him on their side,
Switzerland wouldn't need to be neutral.


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