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Posted by Walter

Almost 8 months after the323 revved the engine, it looks like the South Carolina Gamecock bandwagon is picking up a few more riders thanks to this article by SI's Stewart Mandel. Basically Stu thinks that based on (1) how close South Carolina was in just about every one of their three SEC losses last year, (2) the number of returning players they have on both sides of the ball, and (3) the presence of Steve Spurrier, that the Gamecocks have a real chance to be a sleeper on the national scene this season.......gee Stu, you think? Why don't you take a quick look back at some of the323's 2006 season wrap-up posts! And while you're at it you can buy up some EMC stock and drink lattes at Starbucks. Stu, you're a great writer and we are proud to have you on the South Carolina bandwagon, but just remember that this is OUR rodeo and the best you can hope for is shotgun.

Check back in with the323 next week for some NEW predictions for the 2007 season including sleeper teams not coached by the Ol' Ball Coach!


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