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Posted by Frazier

Wow, just needed a quick moment to comment on this story. Apparently Oklahoma will be forfeiting all wins from their 2005 season, and scholarships, etc. It's a little surprising because Bob Stoops has always run a pretty tight ship. It just goes to show that boosters can be a coach's worst enemy. Also, a combination of young kids, inordinate fame, and lots of money often leads to bad decisions.

While we here at the 323 would like to think that this sort of thing is rare, and NEVER happens, nobody is that naive. There is a dirty underbelly to college football that we have chosen not to focus on. The games are great, the traditions are great, and despite all the problems, the game is fair. Shady dealings are widespread enough that no one team is gaining a real advantage, and teams that cross the line usually end up paying for it. All that said, Bob Stoops has to be extra-careful now that his dealings are all above-board. Another misstep and they will be paying dearly.

Also, sorry about the hiatus. Things have been hectic for both the big man and myself. But we would never forsake 323 nation. We shall return.


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