The Great Debate: SEC  

Posted by Frazier

Ok, I'm finally back on this beast.

Apparantly the big man felt bad for my suddenly busy work schedule, because not only did he lob me a soft one, but he actually provided the fodder I needed to make my case. Let's review:

The claim: The SEC is the best conference, and it isn't close.

The facts: Well, Florida are the national champs, and it was not remotely close. At end of the season the second best team in the country was either LSU or USC. Furthermore, Florida may have obliterated the Buckeyes, but had a tough time in the own conference. So the SEC has the best teams, undeniably. And those teams had a tough year with lots of close wins.

Let's look at the other conferences:

Pac-10: USC might be a beast, but the #2 Cal Bears got STOMPED by Tennessee, a middle of the road SEC team. No one else was better than mediocre.

Big Ten: Um, the top two teams got absolutely wood-shedded. Overrated much?

Big East: Please. Louisville was nice, but that isn't a top conference.

Big 12: When your champ gets beat by Boise St. well, you can't be #1, or even close to it (no offense to Boise, who was a great team, but a powerhouse program like Oklahoma should handle you). Also, Texas struggled mightily against an under-achieving Iowa team. Not even in the conversation.

ACC: Yeah, the top team was Wake Forest. I don't think we need to be discussing them here.

So which was the best conference? Well, it was the SEC. Was it close? No. No it was not.

Not even remotely.

The verdict: The SEC was the best conference, by a country mile.

Overrated: No. How can you be overrated when everyone says it's the best conference, and it isn't close, and the facts prove those two things? No matter how much hyperbole people may want to use, the basic facts are undeniable. The SEC is the champ. Hands-down.


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