Traditions Week: The Battle of the Bands  

Posted by Frazier

We here at the 323 are generally focused on 1-A college football (yes, we know that the divisions have new names, but they are absurd, and so we will never be using them). However, traditions week wouldn't be complete without mentioning the Battle of the Bands. The great matchup of Southern and Grambling.

Grambling, of course, was home to the legendary Eddie Robinson. It was through him that this wonderful tradition, where the halftime spectacle is often better than the game itself, was brought to the attention of America. Many smaller schools and historically black colleges have wonderful traditions of their own, and it's a shame that we don't get to recognize more of them. However, watching how hard these players compete against eachother, and how devoted and passionate their fans are, only serves to prove how universal college football really is.

The Battle of the Bands mixes great athleticism in its' members, incredible talent, perfect timing, and an incredible sense of joy, determination and commitment. Wow, it's starting to sound like a football game after all. And boy, it's a hell of a lot of fun to watch.


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