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Posted by Frazier

Just wanted to take a moment to mention this article on ESPN.com regarding Houston Nutt and all the difficulties at Arkansas. Now, the 323 has never been known to really love Nutt, he's a chronic underachiever, but he has been a pretty solid coach. He has 3 SEC West titles in his 9 years, and that is nothing to sneeze at. He might struggle to get over the hump, but he's not a bad coach.

Anyways, while we won't kill Razorbacks fans for questioning Nutt, since we understand that sometimes you need a change to get over the hump, we do have problems with the way the fans have behaved. Challenging his fidelity to his wife is a low, dirty tactic. Even if it were true, it wouldn't be any business of ours. But with no evidence except a large number of text messages to go on, this smacks of character assisination of the worst kind.

Finally, we here at the 323 have no lost love for Mustain, Malzahan and Williams. If Mustain wanted to keep the starting job, the golden boy had to play better. You're the player, the coach is the coach. You follow orders. Now he'll have to battle with top recruit after top recruit to sniff the field for USC. Pete Carroll is an affable guy, but he's never promised a starting job to anyone. You earn your time at USC, and Mustain wouldn't have earned it with his play last year. Malzahan is another egomaniac. He was given the opportunity to be the offensive coordinator for a top ten team, and he was handed the best, most versatile offensive player in the country (the incredible swiss-army running back, McFadden) and he get all pouty because he didn't get to run his no huddle. Well, you're an offensive coordinator, BE CREATIVE!

Seriously, the best player on your team (by far) is your running back, and you get pissy because the head coach doesn't want to toss the ball all over the field with a freshman quarterback? Are you high? Malzahan should have been dedicated to the long haul, and appreciated the fact that you win with the talent you have, not the talent you wish you had. Anyways, it's a very interesting piece, and the rest of the series should be intriguing as well.


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