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I know it's traditions week, but we'd be remiss here at the 323 if we didn't mention this story. Recently, several Penn State players were involved in a fight on campus. The details are still sketchy, and it's not clear whether the players started the altercation, or were simply supporting a teammate in a dicey situation.

Those details don't matter to Joe Paterno. His team will be cleaning Beaver Stadium, all 107,282 seats, after every single home game this year. While the legal system processes the incident, Paterno has made his ruling. His team embarrassed themselves and their school, and they will all pay for it. They are always a team, both on and off the field. The money raised by the team's efforts will be donated to the club sports which usually do the chore to help fund their teams.

This is why Joe Pa is possibly the classiest individual in college football, and his coaching style, his dedication to academics, and his emphasis on character and taking pride in shaping young men's lives should be emulated by everyone given the opportunity to teach young men and women.


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