Draft Grades Disclaimer  

Posted by Frazier

We should have put this disclaimer up at the beginning, but it will have to do now. Our draft grades are more or less a reflection of how well each team drafted, or what they did with their picks (including trades). Basiscally, you NEED to get good value for your draft picks, whether it's not reaching on a questionable player, or making a good deal to move down in the first round. Value is what counts. Value also means that who you draft makes sense. Sometimes you can't draft on pure need (there was no offensive lineman who Houston could legitimately take at #10) but you also can't simply draft the best player out there (Washington wasted its' pick on Laron Landry who will be a great player, but will do nothing to help that team).

Finally, we are grading the draft, not how well teams are managed. That means that Atlanta received a good grade based on drafting Jamal Anderson. Even though Anderson essentially replaces Kerney who they let go, so Anderson doesn't necessarily make them better than they were last year. However, once they lost Kerney, he was an excellent pick. So Atlanta may not have had a good offseason (letting Kerney go) but they did have a good draft (filling a now gaping hole on their line with Anderson). Hope this all makes sense. Now, back to you all bitching about how we graded your favorite teams picks.


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