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Well, Mitch Mustain has finally decided to transfer from Arkansas. He'll be heading for USC next year. Now, Mustain may not have liked Nutt, but he had to believe that he'd win the quarterback duel with Casey Dick, and be the starting QB for a talented, and potentially dangerous, Razorbacks squad. Of course, he didn't seem to want the competition, and he didn't want to share the stage with the swiss army running back. Also, his high school coach didn't get enough love, so he bailed.

Well, now he gets to sit out a year. And he gets to battle another #1 quarterback recruit (Sanchez) for the right to start in 2 years. Since he has more eligibility than Sanchez, even if he loses that battle, he'll be in line for at least a season at the helm. So long as another top quarterback recruit (and there will be a couple, most likely, headed to USC) doesn't usurp him. Have him ask Matt Cassell how that feels.

Is it a bad move for Mustain? Time will tell. If he beats out Sanchez he'll have a chance to start for one of the top teams in the nation. Of course, he still might get overshadowed by a superior running back (USC will have a number of studs lining up to take that role). Keep in mind, Mustain was slated to start for a top team THIS year.

So maybe he hates Nutt, that seems obvious. But any kid who attends a school just because they hired his high school coach is probably not doing it for the right reasons. It was all about Mustain, and never his team and it still is. Maybe Mustain will dedicate himself to team ball. Maybe his relationship with Nutt was really the problem. But right now, if I'm playing for the Trojans, I'm not looking forward to having Mustain lead me into battle. I'd just what kind of leader he could be.


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