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Random thoughts on the passing of a legend, the NFL draft, college coaches, and anything else my tangential mind feels like..........

I think that there is a bar in heaven where Bear Bryant and Bud Wilkinson gather every evening to sit at their own table in the back, to down a bottle of Wild Turkey and swap stories and strategy. I used to picture that table with three seats empty, and the two legends sitting there waiting for the rest of their party to arrive while nary a bar patron dare approach them and ask to borrow one of the seats (sitting down with them being completely out of the question for a mere mortal). Eddie Robinson's passing was sad news, but I take solace in knowing he has taken his rightful seat beside Bear and Bud, at that bar in heaven, sipping on Wild Turkey and sharing stories. I think they were all happy to see each other......

I think that Billy Donovan made a great decision to stay at Florida. All too often today college coaches leave a great situation that they built themselves, to take over a storied program built by someone else. I've always said that I'd rather coach in college than in the pro's because in college they name the stadium after you. With the current coaching landscape fraught with mercenary coaches, those stadium name-worthy coaches are few and far between. Billy Donovan is one of them, and I hope guys like Rich Rodriguez and Frank Beamer choose the same path.

I think I like BC over Michigan State in the Frozen Four finals. And I think BC captain, and leading goal scorer last season, Brian Boyle's unselfish decision to move to defense for the good of the team is one of the best stories of the year that nobody knows about. What Boyle has done would be the equivalent of Darren McFadden agreeing to play linebacker next season and leading the Razorback to the National Title Game.

I think the NFL Draft is less than a month away, but we are going to see a TON of movement of draft positions, including several moves in the top 10.

I think I have no idea whether the Raiders are going to draft Jamarcuss Russell or Calvin Johnson.....and neither do they.

I think the Lions almost have to trade the 2nd pick because they absolutely cannot draft Calvin Johnson if he is there, and his availability makes that pick too valuable to do anything else with.

I think with the release of next season's schedules it's about time for some ridiculously early preseason picks and projections.

I think these are my thoughts as individual workout numbers filter in:

  • With his 4.62 in the 40, I think Jon Beason is beginning to look more and more like John Vilma every day. Beason is instinctual and smart, but not overly athletic. He is another projected OLB who I'd bet fits a lot better on the inside in a 3-4 scheme.
  • By running about a 4.5 at his pro day, I think Sidney Rice may have snuck into the back end of the first round. He will invariably be compared to Dwayne Jarrett, and I think NFL teams are going to like Rice's production despite not having a top tier QB, running game, or wideouts opposite him (all things Jarrett had).
  • I've said it about a million times, but I think Paul Poszlusny is going to be an all-pro middle linebacker in a Tampa 2 scheme.
  • As much as I like Tony Hunt, NFL running backs cannot run the 40 as slowly as he did (4.71!).
  • I think I'd like to speak with anyone who bought Pat Willis' 4.37 40 time at his pro day.....I've got a bridge to sell you.
  • I think teams considering Alan Branch with one of the top 6 picks should remember that the last 7 defensive tackles picked in the top six were Johnathan Sullivan, Dewayne Robertson, Ryan Sims, Gerard Warren, Corey Simon, Darrell Russell, and Dan Wilkinson.
  • Despite his impressive 40 times, I think Darrelle Revis is a strict cover 2 corner.
  • I am still not sure how not a single draft pundit has jumped on my Dallas Sartz bandwagon yet. 6'5'' linebackers who run sub 4.6 40's (faster than Puz, Beason and Timmons) don't grow on trees. Sartz is a classic strong side OLB.
  • I think if you are looking for a non Division 1A draft sleeper you could do worse than Harvard's Clifton Dawson who, at 5'9'' and 212 lbs., just looks like an NFL running back.
  • I think OSU quarterback Justin Zwick may have a little Mass Cassell in him.


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