2007 Mock Draft version 3.0 (Part II)  

Posted by Walter

17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Reggie Nelson, S Florida

Walter: Jacksonville was already thin in the defensive backfield aside from Rashean Mathis, and that was before they lost Deon Grant to Seattle. With Grant gone, the Jaguars desperately need someone, anyone, who can cover opposing receivers. Nelson fits the bill nicely, as the premier combo safety in the draft. He can easily slide into the free safety spot, or he could pitch in an corner. Chris Houston is also a possibility.

Frazier Fan: Nelson is a good pick for us. Our secondary is the weakness for our defense, and we have plenty of talent offensively. Except we have not one, but two mediocre quarterbacks. Still, Nelson was a Florida hero, so I'm amped.

18. Cincinnati Bengals - Greg Olsen, TE Miami

Walter: What a difference a week can make. Last week we had Olsen going to the Bengals in the 2nd round, but his 4.5 40 time and 22 bench reps proved that Olsen has the skill set to be an elite level NFL tight end and a sure fire first round pick. While the Bengals could certainly use some secondary help (Revis and Houston are definite option), Olsen is too good to pass up.

Frazier Fan: A Miami tight-end? We've had enough off the field problems already, so no thanks. Our offense is a juggernaut, we need help in the defense, especially in the secondary, especially since I'm worried that Joseph already has a rap sheet. Ugh.

19. Tennessee Titans - Chris Houston, CB Arkansas

Walter: The Titans could really go in a few different directions here. They desperately need to get VY some help on offense, but they have invested a number of high round picks in wideouts very recently. On defense, they've got to find a replacement for the utterly insane Pacman Jones. One he went off the deep end the Titans were left with only Reynaldo Hill and Andre Woolfolk to man the position, and neither are even adequate NFL starters.

Frazier Fan: Fucking Pacman. This picks makes sense, if nothing else because Houston has never been know to "make it rain" in a Vegas strip club. We're losing that guy for awhile, even if we wanted his crazy ass back. Now we have to spend our first round pick making up for his stupidity.

20. New York Giants - Darrelle Revis, CB Pittsburgh

Walter: A month ago this would have been an absolute slam dunk. Now, after the G-Men released their starting left tackle and both starting OLB, they have more needs. Still Revis is a physically gifted corner who recently ran a 4.3 40 at his pro day (after a subpar combine time). While an outside backer is a possibility here, Revis represents much better value at #20.

Frazier Fan: Yes! We are desperately in need of help in the secondary. I'm not in love with Revis, but if he's the best cornerback around, then he's my guy.

21. Denver Broncos - Jarvis Moss, DE Florida

Walter: If not for the acquisition of Dre Bly, I still contend the Broncos would go after a corner here. However, with Bly in tow the Broncos can turn to the defensive line where they employ numerous retreads and castaways. Moss may be a bit undersized right now, but Shanahan has a history with undersized defensive players (most recently Elvis Dumervil and Ian Gold) and always gets production out of them.

Frazier Fan: Any defensive lineman who hasn't played poorly for the Browns is a good one! Moss will help the defense actually play the entire season this year, and we could use the infusion of actual talent on the line.

22. Dallas Cowboys - Joe Staley, OT Central Michigan

Walter: The Cowboys made a puzzling decision to sign Ken Hamlin, a natural strong safety, to play alongside Roy Williams. This is probably an indication that they simply don't believe that either Landry (duh) or Nelson will fall to them. With that being the case the Boys turn to the offensive line where the team has struggled ever since Nate Newton and Erik Williams retired. Staley has the athletic ability and raw potential to be the absolute stud left tackle the team has needed for quite some time.

Frazier Fan: Really? I'm still not convinced that we've fixed all the problems on our defense, although getting Hamlin definitely helped. We did win Super Bowls with a great o-line, but I'd like to get someone more likely to help right away.

23. Kansas City Chiefs - Dwayne Bowe, WR LSU

Walter: The Chiefs need help along the OL and in the defensive backfield, but with Brown and Nelson taken in the last three picks, Bowe represents the best value at #23. With speedster Eddie Kennison on the other side, Bowe is a perfect compliment in the Chiefs aerial attack.

Frazier Fan: YES! God do we need a wide receiver. Now I'm just afraid we're going to botch this quarterback situation. Keep them both! Bowe is no Snoop Minnis, and that's the best news I've heard in a very long time.

24. New Englad Patriots - Paul Poszlusny, LB Penn State

Walter: The Pats did a great job getting better and younger at the OLB spot in one fell swoop with the signing of Adalius Thomas. Inside, however, they are still lacking with only a decaying Tedy Bruschi entrenched as a starter. Puz is the classic Patriot. He's smart and versatile, and can stay on the field for three downs. In essence, he is a younger version of Bruschi. While he was originally viewed as an OLB, Poszlusny would be a classic fit as an OLB on the weak side for New England.

Frazier Fan:YES! YES! YES! I love the Puz! He's a smart player, a winner, and someone who might not have great measurables, but can play football. He's exactly the type of player that thrives under Belichick. We'll get the best of his ability, and be able to hide some of his physical limitations (and there aren't a lot). We don't have any glaring needs, and getting younger at linebacker has been an area of concern for a couple of years.

25. New York Jets - Aaron Ross, CB Texas

Walter: A solid pickup here by the Jets, who are able to bolster their defensive backfield with a player who can come in and be a lock down nickel back right away, and develop into a starting corner. Ross has outstanding footwork and instincts, and most of his flaws can be corrected by Eric Mangini who used to be Bill Belichick's defensive backs coach.

Frazier Fan: Nice! Ross is a good player who will benefit from coaching from the Mangenius. We're going to be tough defensively, and make enough plays on the other side to win. I love it!

26. Philadelphia Eagles - Lawrence Timmons, LB Florida State

Walter: The Eagles almost never pick linebackers in the first round but they are so thin at the position they are almost forced to reach for Timmons here. Timmons is somewhat of a project but the Seminoles have a nearly flawless reputation when it comes to their linebackers. I also wouldn't be shocked if the Eagles went with Mike Griffin to replace Mike Lewis at one of the safety spots.

Frazier Fan: Hmmmm. I think that picking up Takeo Spikes will preclude us from doing this, and it damn well better!

27. New Orleans Saints - Jon Beason, OLB Miami

Walter: Woah is the plight of the Saints. It seems like every year they spend a first day pick on a linebacker, which means that none of them are really working out for them. Beason won't dazzle anyone, but the late run on LB's (Puz, Timmons) makes this Miami product the best available and a solid pick for the Saints. In general, it's never a bad idea to take a University of Miami linebacker.

Frazier Fan:Damn do we need a linebacker! It's probably our biggest defensive hole, and the pickings are slim. But with Spikes going to the Eagles, maybe that works out for us in the end.

28. New Englad Patriots - Justin Blalock, OL Texas

Walter: Classic Patriots pick. Blalock is arguably the best player left on the board, and while the Pats don't have a definite spot to play him, he is excellent value here. The Patriots have Logan Mankins and Stephen Neal entrenched at guard, but Matt Light is getting old at LT and no real RT has emerged. Blalock immediately provides depth at guard, and could challenge to start at RT (or push Mankins, a tackle in college outside) while fitting in as a potential long term replacement for either Light or Neal.

Frazier Fan: Works for me. We don't have any real holes, although I'd love another wide receiver. Still, if this kid is that good, why not?

29. Baltimore Ravens - Aaron Sears, OL Tennessee

Walter: Too bad for Baltimore. Blalock would be a perfect fit as a young mauler on this Ravens OL, but he gets snatched up one pick earlier so they go with Blalock lite. Sears is a decent prospect in his own right, and like Blalock he can play either guard or tackle. Still, he isn't as good a prospect at either position as Blalock so this has to be viewed as a major league bad break for Baltimore.

Frazier Fan: Dammit! We need another weapon! Our offense is a total disaster, and we're going to fix it with a lineman? No! the line isn't our problem, it's that we have zero playmakers. Let's get a receiver, or someone else who can get the ball in the end zone.

30. San Diego Chargers - Robert Meachem, WR Tennessee

Walter: The Bolts love Vincent Jackson on one side, but Kennan McCardell is getting old on the other. Meachem and his 4.4 speed is a perfect compliment to the 6'5'' Jackson, and his ability to stretch the field vertically should open up even more space underneath and in the seams for Antonio Gates and Ladainian Tomlinson.

Frazier Fan: YES! As far as I know Meachem doesn't apply a layer of vaseline to his hands before games, so he'll be better than most of the bums we have at the position. Now we really are unstoppable (by anyone other than our stupid new coach).

31. Chicago Bears - Dwayne Jarrett, WR USC

Walter: Unreal value for this spot in the draft. Even though Chicago has some good players already at WR, they simply cannot pass on Jarrett. While most teams will still be scared by his alleged lack of speed, the Bears jump in and draft the immediate heir apparent to Muhsin Muhammad. Jarrett will enter the league with a chip on his shoulder, and this will be good news for whoever the Bears line up under center.

Frazier Fan: Woohoo! Couldn't be any better for us. He isn't a blazer? Neither was the Moose, and he's been fine for us, and Jarrett has a lot more skill than that fellow. It's a great fit, especially since Jarrett excels at winning jump balls, which there promises to be plenty of with Rex heaving it aimlessly around.

32. Indianapolis Colts - Brian Leonard, FB Rutgers

Walter: History tells us that this won't be a need pick, and Leonard fits that bill. Like the Patriots, the Colts love tight ends because they are so versatile. After losing Dominic Rhodes this offseason, the Colts find a more than adequate replacement in Leonard, and pick a player who will help in the screen game that Tom Moore loves so much.

Frazier Fan: Well, this guy doesn't have any sort of first-round skills, not even late-late-late first. Not only is it a reach here, but he doesn't have a position. Whatever, we won the Super Bowl. I don't actually care.


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