2007 NFL Draft - Offensive Positional Big Boards  

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1) Jamarcus Russell, LSU
2) Brady Quinn, Notre Dame
3) Troy Smith, Ohio State
4) Drew Stanton, Michigan State
5) Kevin Kolb, Houston

Comments: Not a particularly strong QB class, especially once you get past the first two, but both Smith and Stanton have the ability to develop into top flight starters. In five years we may evaluate this group as being mich stronger than initially thought of, especially if guys like Quinn and Stanton get drafted into Jon Gruden type west coast offenses (or by Gruden himself-which seems likely).

Player Who Nobody's Talking About: Sam Hollenbach, Maryland
Hollenbach has the size, arm strength, and mechanics to succeed in the NFL. He sure looks the part, and his three straight seasons of at least a 61% passing in the ACC suggests he may have the accuracy as well.

Running Backs:

1) Adrien Peterson, Oklahoma
2) Marshawn Lynch, California
3) Tony Hunt, Penn. State
4) Brian Leonard, Rutgers
5) Mike Bush, Louisville

Comments: A completely uninspiring group. I am not a fan of guys like Lynch and Kenny Irons who have never really defined themselves as any particular type of runner. Peterson will carry this draft class, although with his injury history and height (that's a lot of inches to tackle) I wouldn't be shocked if he never becomes the back we all thought he'd be after his freshman season.

PWNTA: Justin Vincent, LSU
Vincent was all the rage after he rushed for 1000 yards as a freshman helping the Tigers to the national title. Though he never approximated those numbers again, he battled injuries and stiff competition in Baton Rouge. If he gets himself healthy, all he'll need to make his presence known will be carries in the NFL.

Wide Recievers:
1) Calvin Johnson
2) Dwayne Jarrett
3) Dwayne Bowe
4) Tedd Ginn Jr.
5) Sidney Rice

Comments: Even without Jeff Samardzjia, this is definitely the deepest and most talented offensive position in the 2007 draft. Johnson is Randy Moss type can't miss superstar, and the rest of the top five all have the potential to be perrennial all pros. The position is deep as well, with mid rounders like Meachem, Gonzalez, and Hill also looking like NFL contributors.

PWNTA: David Ball, New Hampshire
Any time you break a record held by Jerry Rice you know you're pretty good. Well that is exactly what Ball did during his career at UNH, surpassing Rice's all time collegiate yardage record. Ball lacks ideal speed, but he is a precise route runner who catches everything thrown anywhere near him, and will fit in nicely as a complimentary NFL reciever.

Tight Ends:
1) Zach Miller
2) Greg Olsen
3) Scott Chandler
4) Matt Spaeth
5) Joe Newton

Comments: An incredibly weak class, with little chance of improving (there is no Vernon Davis like prospect to blow people away at the combine). Miller and Olsen are solid, yet somewhat one dimensional. The most intruiging prospect is actually Chandler, who at 6'7'' is more of a big wideout that a TE.

PWNTA: Tyler Ecker, Michigan
Nobody ever talks about Wolverine tight ends because they aren't flashy, but they always get drafted and 7 years later they are still on the roster. Ecker hopes to follow in the footsteps of other Big Blue tight ends like Mark Campbell (9 seasons), Bennie Joppru (4), Aaron Shea (7), and Jerame Tuman (8), who have all been solid contributors for a long time.

Offensive Tackles:
1) Joe Thomas, Wisconsin
2) Levi Brown, Penn. State
3) Joe Staley, Central Michigan
4) Tony Ugoh, Arkansas
5) James Marten, Boston College

Comments: Overall, an outstanding crop of tackles. There are two elite prospects in Thomas and Brown, with Staley on the fringe (his athletic ability may give him the highest ceiling of anyone). This position is still extremely stong despite losing guys like Aaron Sears and Justin Blalock, who both project as guards in the NFL.

PWNTA: Steve Vallos, Wake Forest
Very undersized at 6'3'' and 290 pounds, but Vallos was a very productive player at Wake. In the ACC he faced some of the toughest DL in the nation so he is battle tested, and should be a great role player and leader for some NFL team.

Offensive Guards:
1) Justin Blalock
2) Ben Grubbs
3) Aaron Sears
4) Josh Beekman
5) Marshal Yanda

Comments: Like the tackles, this group of guards is nothing short of outstanding. Blalock and Sears played tackle in college but project as all pro caliber guards in the NFL. Their presence makes this group incredibly deep, with all america caliber players like Beekman and Yanda the 4th and 5th guards off the board.

PWNTA: Mike Jones, Iowa
This one I don't get. Jones is huge at 6'5'' and over 300 pounds, he moves well for a guard, and was coached in college by one of the absolute best OL gurus around. Jones may not have the straight athleticism of some of the top guards, but he looks to me like a solid, long time NFL starter.

1) Ryan Kalil
2) Kyle Young
3) Samson Satele
4) Doug Datish
5) Leroy Harris

Comments: Aside from Kalil this is as weak a crop as you will ever find. I love Young's toughness and mean streak, but he may project best as a RT or guard in the NFL. Notable were the struggles of both Datish and Dan Mozes at the Sr. Bowl.

PWNTA: Mark Fenton, Colorado
Colorado lineman have a fairly solid lineage to the NFL. Fenton passes the eyeball test and he is actually quicker than most (5.25 4o time). He probably won't ever be a pro bowler, but he could develop into an adequate starter like former Buffalo Andre Gurode.


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