2007 Mock Draft-Part Two  

Posted by Frazier

Here is the second half:

17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Reggie Nelson, DB Florida

Walter: Nelson is the perfect swing guy for an mediocre Jaguars secondary as he has the ability to play either safety spot or cornerback in the NFL.

FF: I loved watching the Gators this year (half the fan base) and we definitely need secondary help. Smart move, good player.

18. Cincinnati Bengals - Laron Landry, DB LSU

Walter: Cincinnati has major issues in the secondary and they get a true impact player at #18. Landry is one of the top defensive prospects in this draft and it is a shock to see him fall this far.

FF: Is he going to get arrested? No? Then yes, it's a good pick. The fact that he's a great football player is totally secondary right now.

19. Tennessee Titans - Darrelle Revis, DB Pittsburgh

Walter: WR is also an issue but Tennessee has invested a ton of draft picks in wideouts in recent years (Courtney Roby, Brandon Jones, Roydell Williams) and aren't ready to give up on those guys. Revis is a solid corner who will team with Pacman Jones to form the best young duo in the NFL.

FF: We're a step away, so the kid better be ready to step in and make plays. Frankly, I'd love to get some help for the incredible VY.

20. New York Giants - Marshawn Lynch, RB California

Walter: With Brandon Jacobs on board I am certain the G-Men would rather bring in a veteran to team with him rather than use their first round pick. But with no impact defensive back left on the board, and Lynch falling right into their lap, the Giants have an easy pick.

Fucking Tiki. I'm not sold on Jacobs either, but we need secondary help, like, NOW.

21. Denver Broncos - Quentin Moses, DE Georgia

Walter: Moses' lackluster performance at the Senior Bowl probably has him out of the first round for right now, but he will run well at the combine and shoot back up draft boards. Moses is an impact pass rusher who the Broncos need, and will be an immediate upgrade at DE.

FF: The defense sort of fell apart on us, and we could use a lineman who isn't a friggin Browns reject. Take this kid.

22. Dallas Cowboys - Justin Blalock, OG Texas

If either Landry or Nelson is left on the board the pick is a slam dunk. With those two gone the Cowboys look to bolster their offensive line by taking the homegrown Blalock, a unique prospect who can play guard or tackle in the NFL.

FF: Can we draft a holder? The defense is what killed us down the stretch, but Blalock was dominant for my Longhorns (majority of the fan base). Still, I'm not sold.

23. Kansas City Chiefs
- Dwayne Jarrett, WR USC

Walter: The Chiefs also need help on defense (what else is new), but Jarrett is simply way too good to pass up and he provides the Chiefs with the number one wideout that they have been sorely lacking for years.

FF: YES! I couldn't be happier. We NEED a WR, and the kid is a fucking stud.

24. New England Patriots - Dwayne Bowe, WR LSU

Walter: The Pats are always an enigma on draft day. Though they usually just take the best player available, Bowe is a dominant, physical wideout who will fit in with what the Pats want to do.....plus the fact that he was a player drafted by longtime Belichickian friend Nick Saban doesn't hurt.

FF: Look, the Pats usually get this right, so I'll just trust them. As far as I'm concerned, if it's not another TE, I'm thrilled. The fact that it fills a need is a bonus.

25. New York Jets - Aaron Ross, DB Texas

Walter: Jets GM Mike Tennenbaum might be tempted to take RB Mike Bush here (assuming he runs well at the combine), but the Jets badly need secondary help and Ross has the raw potential to be a superior shut down corner in the NFL.

FF: No team has ever had too many quality defensive backs. I'm loving the pick. The Mangenius is going to win with defense first.

26. Philadelphia Eagles - Sidney Rice, WR South Carolina

Walter: The Eagles love Reggie Brown, but he doesn't really have the skill set to be a #1 wideout. Donte Stallworth is not the long term answer, but his presence would allow the young Rice to ease into the NFL.

FF: Time to dump Stallworth, and finally get a receiver to replace the-player-who-will-not-be-named.

27. New Orleans Saints - Mike Griffin, DB Texas

Walter: Linebacker is the most pressing need, but this draft is very thin at that position. Griffin is a 3 year college starter who can slide right into the starting safety spot likely to be vacated by Omar Stoutmire.

FF: Absolutely love my team this year, but we got burned in the secondary way too often. A little help back there turns shoot-outs into blowouts. I love it.

28. New England Patriots - David Harris, LB Michigan

Walter: A huge reach here, but Harris is exactly the type of thumpig inside linebacker the Pats desperately need. He may only be a 2 down linebacker, but Harris is great at what he does and will be a pro bowler for a long time. Harris' teammate Lamar Woodley is also a possibility.

FF: Once again, I'll trust these guys. We desperately need a linebacker who isn't collecting social security. I'm thrilled.

29. Baltimore Ravens - Joe Staley, OT Central Michigan

Walter: Staley is a relative unknown but he is the best athlete at the OL position to come along in quite some time. With Jonathan Ogden entrenched at the LT spot for at least one more season, Staley will have plenty of time to learn and develop into the top flight NFL starter most believe he will be.

FF: Well, the defense is set, obviously. I could really go for more of a running game, but who knows, maybe Staley will help us there. I'm willing to try.

30. San Diego Chargers - Robert Meachum, WR Tennessee

Walter: The Chargers love Vincent Jackson, but Eric Parker is terrible and Keenan McCardell is over the hill. Meachum is exactly the type of young, speedy, field stretching wideout that they need to team with the bigger Jackson.

FF: Fucking Marty will just waste his talent too. That being said, another elite receiver and we're officially the best team in football. We have very few needs, but a receiver who doesn't drop a million balls in critical games is one of them.

31. Chicago Bears** - Zach Miller, TE Arizona State

Walter: The Bears have actually have a wealth of young skill position talent on offense (Benson, Berrian, Davis), but the one spot they are lacking is TE. Miller is the best prospect available and will really help Rex Grossman (or whoever will be the Bears starting QB in 2007) as a safety valve.

FF: Once again, the defense is set. I like the way we can stretch the field, and run, and we're stuck with Grossman (or someone like him) so let's give him the safety valve so he stops throwing into quadruple coverage down field.

32. Indianapolis Colts** - Daymeoin Hughes, DB California

Walter: Hughes is a prototype cover 2 corner, and although the Colts have fewer young players at linebacker there are no LB prospects as good as Hughes at this spot.

FF: We're good on the offensive side. We could use a nasty defensive lineman to plug holes, or a linebacker to kick some ass, but those guys are gone by now. Once again, having too many good defensive backs is never a problem.

* - subject to coin flip
** - subject to Super Bowl results


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