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Posted by Walter

Anyone who still thinks Brady Quinn is the next can't miss NFL prospect after last night's game raise your hand! Anybody? Nobody?

Look, I'm not saying Quinn won't be a great pro. The quarterback position is fluky in the way prospects develope. But I am saying that Quinn is not the 100% can't miss franchise QB that many people consider him. In my lifetime I can think of exactly one true can't miss quarterback who had everything and was ready to start from day one: Peyton Manning. All year I have been saying that Quinn does not make #2 on my list and now I think people are finally ready to listen.

Quinn has put up gaudy numbers, there is no denying that. But scouts and fans alike have been more than willing to turn a blind eye towards his deficiencies. He plays weak competition, he struggles when faced with speed in the secondary, he has poor throwing mechanics, he sails the intermediate throws (a la Eli Manning and Chad Henne), and the vasy majority of his numbers were put up throwing fades to Samardjia, McKnight, and Stovall (last season). Does Brady Quinn do other things well? Of course he does. But his deficiencies were on full display last night and my guess is that the Oakland Raiders might be thinking twice about handing the keys to the car over to Quinn.

Conversely, I think Jamarcus Russell's performance last night may have opened the eyes of some scouts considering him, not Quinn, with a top 3 pick. Russell has a blend of size, athleticism, and arm strength that has never been seen on this planet (did you see that 58 yard completion he made to the pilon while on the run!!!!!!!). Unlike Quinn, Russell's mechanics are perfect, and while his recievers are talented, he makes everyone around him better. Watching the Irish this year, it was clear that Darius Walker, not Quinn, was the guy you had to stop. For LSU, it was stop Russell and you win the game.

Last night's game didn't change anything here at the323. We've been telling you Russell is the best QB prospect and Quinn is flawed all along. Maybe now you'll be ready to listen!


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