2007 Mock Draft-Part One  

Posted by Walter

Here is the first half of our initial mock for the 2007 NFL draft. Of course this is all subject to change, and we plan on keeping this fluid as needs, workouts, injuries, hirings and all the rest influence things. For each selection we have a brief analysis by the big man, and a "Frazier's Fan" outlook. The Frazier's Fan notes are meant to show how a fan of this NFL team should be feeling about the prospect of drafting the player we've slotted for them. As always, this isn't a list of who's best, it's just a prediction of who will be drafted, based on that players position, skill, level of hype, and the drafting team's needs, draft history, and ability to evaluate talent. It's a excercise in pure guessing.

1. Oakland Raiders
- Jamarcus Russell, QB LSU

Walter: A once in a lifetime talent with the super-human size speed combination, and bionic arm to lead the Raiders vertical passing game for the next 10 seasons.

Frazier's Fan (FF): Gotta be excited! Russell may not be polished, but if he's throwing bombs, maybe Moss will care again, and Kiffin is going to try and light up the scoreboard.

2. Detroit Lions - Brady Quinn, QB Notre Dame

Walter: While Detroit needs more than just an infusion of youth at QB, Matt Millen simply cannot afford not to take the polished Quinn whose drafting might buy him a few more years in Detroit (drafting Joe Thomas wouldn't do that).

FF: After the Joey debacle, quarterbacks are scary. Especially ones who play like shit against elite opponents, and showed no improvement in the last year. I'm nervous.

3. Cleveland Browns* - Joe Thomas, T Wisconsin

Walter: Expect the Browns to address their QB situation either late in the first round or early in the second round by drafting one of the local products (Drew Stanton, or more likely Troy Smith). Thomas is the franchise left tackle that the new Browns QB will need.

FF: It's hard to get amped about offensive lineman, but you can't kill the pick. Maybe it's the smart move, but I'm not getting off my couch to buy a Thomas jersey.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers* - Calvin Johnson, WR Georgia Tech

Walter: Defensive line is a more glaring need, but with no prospects warranting the #4 pick Calvin Johnson is simply too talented to not take. I wouldn't be shocked if they tried to trade out of this pick.

FF: Woohoo! Wide receivers are sexy, and this is one of the best in recent memory! If only he had a quarterback with talent, or a spleen, to throw him the ball. (Not that he needed one in college).

5. Arizona Cardinals - Jamaal Anderson, DE Arkansas

Walter: In Anderson the Cardinals will get a Richard Seymour clone who will demand two blockers whether the opposition is running or passing....still the guy this team really wants is Joe Thomas, and I wouldn't be shocked to see the Cards try and move up into the top 3 to get him.

FF: Feeling pretty good about Jamaal, he was a great all-around lineman last year. We got a lot of needs, but Anderson definitely helps.

6. Washington Redskins - Gaines Adams, DE Clemson

Walter: If Anderson makes it to the Skins picking him would be a slam dunk, but Adams will give them the pass rushing presence they have sorely missed. Alan Branch will garner consideration, but he projects as more of a nose.

FF: Who are our defensive lineman again? Yeah, get this guy. I love seeing the opposing quarterback on his ass!

7. Minnesota Vikings - Adrien Peterson, RB Oklahoma

Walter: Certainly not a need pick, but with no available WR worthy of this pick the Vikings get potentially the top overall player in the entire draft at #7.

FF: YES! Not only is this kid good, and at a position everyone can get stoked about, but I have been seeing his highlights for three years! Rock on!

8. Houston Texans - Levi Brown, LT Penn. State

Walter: Ouch. Peterson is the guy they want, but he gets snatched up one spot before the Texans pick forcing them to reach on Brown, hoping he becomes the franchise left tackle they have been lacking during their entire existence.

FF: Remember how I said no one gets amped about offensive linemen? Well, Texans fans DO get amped. Dear God do they need one, and Levi is great, even if he looks like a 45 year old bible salesman.

9. Miami Dolphins - Amobi Okoye, DT Louisville

Walter: Again, not a need pick but Okoye was lights out at the Senior Bowl and his blend of power and speed make him an ideal three technique tackle (something Alan Branch, the other player the Phins will consider, is not).

FF: This kid is good and all, but I'm a hell of a lot more worried about our offense. And that traitor, Saban.

10. Atlanta Falcons - Leon Hall, DB Michigan

Walter: With Milloy and Crocker nearing the end, I would select LSU safety Laron Landry, but the Falcons need immediate help at corner and Hall can step in opposite Deangelo Hall and start from day one.

FF: If I'm a Vick believer, I am dying to get another receiver, and give the guy one last chance. If I'm not a believer, than I'll take the defensive help.

11. San Francisco 49ers - Alan Branch, DT Michigan

Walter: Finally an absolutely perfect fit. Branch is the space eating nose tackle that the niners sorely needs, and in the 3-4 his lack of pass rushing ability won't really be an issue.

FF: Loved the improvement we showed last year, and Branch will make a great addition. If the offense improves a little more, and a better defense, could we make the playoffs?

12. Buffalo Bills - Patrick Willis, LB Mississippi

Walter: Somewhat of a reach here, but as we saw last year with James McCargo, the Bills are not afraid to reach. Willis is a tackling machine who can slide into the strong side OLB spot in 2007 before taking over in the middle for London Fletcher in 2008.

FF: I'm not entirely sure where we need the most help, but having another great linebacker never hurts. Good linebacking covers lots of holes, and we've got plenty.

13. St. Louis Rams - Paul Poszlusny, LB Penn. State

Walter: The cupboard is completely bare for the Rams at OLB. While I still think Puz's best fit is as a cover 2 MLB, he can come in and start from day one for the Rams.....assuming they aren't stupid enough to select Lawrence Timmons over him.

FF: Cool! I like guys I've heard of, I like linebackers from PSU, and I love having at least one competent linebacker.

14. Carolina Panthers - Lawrence Timmons, LB Florida State

Walter: The guy they want is Pat Willis, but with him gone they snatch up the next best linebacker available. Again, the guy I'd choose is Laron Landry, but after investing several high picks in th secondary in recent years (Chris Gamble, Richard Marshall) the Panthers need to bolster their linebacking corpse. Plus, last year's first rounder Thomas Davis can always move back to safety.

FF: Are we trying to be the most boring team in football? On defense, the need is linebacking, but I'd love to see someone other than Steve Smith do something offensively.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Adam Carriker, DE Nebraska

Walter: Prior to his Senior Bowl performance this would have been an ultimate reach. But Carriker dominated so much in Mobile that he looks the part of a top 15 picks, and his size (6'6'' 300 lbs.) makes him an ideal end in the Steelers fixture 3-4 defense.

FF: I love it. We haven't had great play on the line in awhile, and with an end that can stuff the run AND pressure the quarterback, we're getting back to that Super Bowl winning, nasty, D.

16. Green Bay Packers - Tedd Ginn Jr., WR Ohio State

Walter: Ginn will almost certainly go higher than #16 (though he shouldn't), but Green Bay would be a solid landing spot for him as the Packers would use him in the slot and on kick returns (a la Desmond Howard) to get his feet wet before taking over the starting spot for Donald Driver in 2008.

FF: Are you sure there's no running backs available? We've got a ton of needs, but I don't feel like "punt returner" is high on the list. Do we label him a bust now, or wait until he suits up? Do you think Teddy is going to enjoy nice, quiet, downtown Green Bay?

* - subject to coin flip


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