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Ok, it's time for the last picks before the bowl season gets rolling. This definitely promises to be a fun one, so let's not waste any time and get to the picks.

Wake Forest +1.5 vs. Georgia Tech

This one is pretty easy for me. I have yet to pick a Wake game correctly, I generally underrate them, and so I'm just going Costanza style. Grobe will keep them in it, and Ball is equally capable of winning or losing this game for the Jackets. Also, if Calvin Johnson doesn't have a big night, they are in for a world of trouble. The Deacons keep finding a way, 23-17.


Well, it boils down to the fact that I don't like UCLA this year, or any year. Last time around they lay down and died when USC was on the verge of making the title game, and that was a far more talented bunch than this gang. Also, I feel like USC stays focused with this much on the line, and that is bad news for everyone. The Trojans fight on, 35-20.

Arkansas +3 vs. Florida

This is my "too good to be true" game. One I've been talking about for weeks now. After spending an incredible amount of time discussing how "soft" Florida is, I can't like their chances with an incredibly physical Hogs running attack, and the great Darren McFadden. If he can light up LSU, just imagine what he can do to the Gators, especially with their linebackers not 100%. Florida has been escaping from tough situations all season, but I think it all catches up with them this time. As long as Dick doesn't totally ruin his team, they will roll, 28-17.

West Virginia -7 vs. Rutgers

The Big East is clearly not my forte. But I do know that Morgantown is not an enviting place, and as long as the Mountaineers don't mail it in because they totally blew their season last weekend, I think they dispatch Team Schiano pretty easily. Slaton and White are way too good to be held down in consecutive weeks. I have a feeling that this one gets away from the Scarlet Knights early. Both teams are playing for a lot less than they were a couple of weeks back, but the superior talent is with WVU. They run roughshod, 37-24.

Nebraska +6 vs. Oklahoma

I definitely like the Sooners in this one, but Nebraska will stick with them. The Huskers have generally avoided getting blown out, have good offensive balance, and the Blackshirts are slowing regaining their form. This spread just seems way to high for me. I feel like Oklahoma may fall back to earth, and they have a mixed history in the Big 12 Championship. Stoops drags his team passed the finish line, but Nebraska keeps it close, 24-20.

Oregon St. +7.5 AT Hawaii

Hawaii had a tough time with Purdue, and the Beavers are a whole lot better. No one makes the long trip to the Island to get pasted in front of the nation. Oregon St. has been playing very well, especially since their win against USC, and their triumph in the Civil War gives them a nice end to Pac-10 play. They've shown that they can score a whole bunch of points, and this isn't the same crew that got beaten down at Boise St. Of course it's an offensive showcase, but the Beavers pull the upset, 45-41.

UNH over UMass (AT UMass)

When you don't know shit about the teams, pick the one with two best players on the field. So that favors Ball and the boys from New Hampshire. Look, it's some regional bullshit that I don't totally understand, but it appeared on my picks schedule, so I'm going to do what I always do, fucking guess. UNH wins, probably by throwing the ball, possibly by magic, 38-21.

Last week: 3-4-1
Season: 45-27-2


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