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Posted by Walter


BYU -6 over Oregon

Like I'm going to pick Oregon at this point in the year. My favorite superfrauds from Eugene had us all fooled for a while, climbing as high as #8 in the polls. However, since then it has been an absolute disaster for the ducks. Oregon has lost three straight, including at home to Arizona, and they are a paltry 3-5 since beating UCLA on Oct. 14. BYU, on the other hand, has been on fire. They've won 9 straight since starting the season 1-2 (losing only at Arizona and at Boston College). The number is big, but BYU has been putting up huge offensive numbers all season. QB John Beck is the best passer you haven't heard of, and during their 9 game win streak the Cougars have scored 31 points in all but one game (a 24-3 drubbing of Colorado State). They've gone over the 40 point mark 4 times in that span, and over the 50 point mark twice. Conversely, Oregon has given up 30 points in each of their last 3 games. Oregon is still trying to replace all those seniors they lost in the secondary, and their best defensive back, Patrick Chung, is far more adept at run support than coverage. For this game to be close, Johnathan Stewart will have to rush for about 150 yards and 3 scores. I say BYU gets up early and Oregon is forced to rely on Brady Leaf (yup, that's Ryan's little bro) to put points up. That's not a good thing folks. Call it BYU 40-28.

Overall Bowl Record: 1-0


BYU -6 Over Oregon

Can't love the Ducks right now. Can love the Cougars. BYU has been excellent, and scoring points in bunches. Just feels like the kind of year where the wheels fall off for Oregon, and they totally tank this one. They haven't been the best at pulling through in bowl games recently, so let's just say it's a lost cause. I'm taking BYU in this one, and a lot of points to boot, 38-30.

Overall Bowl Record: 1-0


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