The Grass Isn't Greener  

Posted by Frazier

Well, Tom O'Brien is off to NC State. I am really confused by this move. O'Brien likes running a tight ship, working for a program that is academically responsible, and having a fan-base that is enthusiastic about a 9-3 season. Well, it's all over for him.

Now he has fans with out-sized expectations, he still has to try (and fail) to recruit the same talent pool, and his school is the fourth most academically challenging school in the state, all oof which happen to be in the ACC. So it's kind of a different focus on the Wolfpack.

I just don't understand what he's doing here. He'd probably have a better shot of pulling a Tom Coughlin than anything. The kind of disciplinarian he is, the tight ship he runs, and the lack of having to recruit in the NFL would be a better fit than the Wolfpack. BC has been a solid program for a long time, while NC State has been, at best, mercurial. Maybe there is a lot of upside for the 'Pack, but I'm just not sold on them as an elite program, unfortunately many of their boosters are.

Also, for as disciplined as O'Brien is, his teams find ways to blow big games, mostly by failing to produce when the lights are brightest. Well, the lights just got brighter full-time for his efforts. Boston is easily distracted when the Eagles struggle, but Raleigh will not be. I'm not really a BC fan, and I don't have anything against NC State, I just think this is a very bad marriage. Finally, why did O'Brien leave a team that consistently lives in the middle-top of the ACC for one that consistently lives in the middle-bottom of the conference? How is this a step up?


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