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So Rich Rodriguez is staying in Morgantown and Randy Shannon takes over a the U. Quick thoughts............

Alabama fucked up royally. After the Nick Saban fiasco (they never should have allowed that offer to be leaked) they really needed to lock up Rodriguez. They didn't. Instead of making him an offer that he couldn't refuse, they low balled him ($2 million per) and allowed West Virginia to match. Rodriguez was the last best option for the Tide and was the guy who could come in and do the job. He has won at West Virginia with non-elite talent (a huge plus at Alabama since the Tide don't have an elite recruiting base like Texas or USC) and had the type of offensive creativity the Tide have sorely lacked. He would have made all the difference for Alabama and they could have had him if they had been willing to make more of a financial commitment. Now Alabama has to walk away, yet again, with their tail between their legs and move on to option C or whatever they are down to. It begs the question of why they were in such a hurry to fire Mike Shula (fresh off a 10 win season).

Miami fucked up too. Randy Shannon is a good coordinator. Good, not great. Since when has Miami been about being good. This is arguably the preeminent program in the country and here we sit today with a third of fourth tier coach and disgraceful facilities in Coral Gables. Furthermore, correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't the problem in Miami for the past 5 years been offense? How is Shannon going to help that? They've been winning, when they have won, with defense. How is not having Shannon calling the defensive plays going to work out? In my view moving Shannon from his D-Coordinator spot weakens them substantially there while only perhaps upgrading slightly at head coach. Why not bring in a new and dynamic young head coach who would be likely to keep a seasoned veteran like Shannon on his staff?

BUT perhaps the worst part about promoting Shannon is that it does nothing to bring this program out of the muck created since the departure of Butch Davis. This program has been in a downward spiral and bringing in a new coach is supposed to reverse that. But that only works if you bring in a new coach. Shannon has been part of the disaster that has been Miami for the past few years, ergo he has been part of the problem. Promoting him presents a message that the status quo is OK. More than any program in the nation, Miami needed an infusion of new blood and they dropped the ball by promoting from within.


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