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Just a quick note. My esteemed co-blogger mentioned Major Applewhite in a comment regarding Colt "Mr. Overrated" McCoy. Well, the big man nailed it. Applewhite was one of the most underrated players you will ever see. His teammates loved him, and played hard for him, and he always found ways to make a play. Unfortunately, Mack Brown promised the world to Chris Simms to induce him to come to Texas, and insisted on playing his golden boy even when anyone with half a brain knew that Applewhite was the real leader of that team. Simms continually choked in big games, and was given opportunity after opportunity, Applewhite didn't have all the tools, but always found a way to win. As a Nebraska fan I was always relieved when Simms got the call over Applewhite. The Major was a hell of a football player, and has been an excellent college coach. He'll be leading a major program someday, while Simms will be holding a clipboard waiting for his chance to play in a blowout for some second rate NFL organization.


Some quick research on just how great Major Applewhite was. He holds the following Longhorn records:

-most passing yards for a career
-most passing yards for a season
-most completions for a career
-most completions for a season
-lowest % of passes intercepted for a season
-most TD passes in a career
-most 400 yard games in a career
-most 300 yard games in a career
-most 200 yard games in a career

Possibly the greatest player that is underappreciated by his own fan base in the history of college football.\

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