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Posted by Walter

I could not disagree more with your assessment of the situation. The BCS is more about pitting the two best teams against each other in the title game than it is about finding the best team. Was Oklahoma the best team in the nation when they beat FSU in 2000? Was Ohio State the best team in the nation when they beat Miami in 2002? Most would say, and accurately so, that they weren't. BUT they were the best team that particular night. If FSU played Oklahoma 10 times they might have won 8 of them. Same for Miami. But that's not the point. The reason we play the games is because anything can happen. We don't know that Ohio State is better than Michigan. We know that they were better then them at home last Saturday. We don't know what would happen if they played on a neutral field with approximately 50 days to prepare for one another, just as we don't know what would happen if they played USC, Arkansas or anyone else. The BCS is all about finding the two best teams to play for all the marbles. It is NOT about making a team "earn their championship title" by playing as many different opponents as possible.

Arkansas lost by 36 at home to USC. USC lost to an unranked team. Notre Dame got pasted at home by Michigan and has already proven they can't handle Ohio State. Florida has looked mediocre all season and lost to an inept Auburn team. These are the facts and it would be wrong to ignore them.

Ohio State is in the title game. They are one of the top two teams in the nation. We know this. My whole argument is that given what else we know, Michigan has the best resume to stake a claim to that open spot, regardless of what happens for the rest of the season. If we put a team like USC or Arkansas in the title game just for the sake of giving Ohio State another opponent, the entire meaning of the BCS process is compromised.

The BCS is about finding the best two teams and handing the winner of that game the title. It is not about picking the best team and making them earn it.

Frazier, when you argue that the BCS is about one team you miss the whole point.


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