Power Rankings (Week 10)  

Posted by Frazier

Ok, last week was sort of difficult around the 323, and the power rankings didn't get up. They were debated, and agreed upon but both the big man and myself had a lot going on. Still, we apologize, our loyal readers deserve better. Anyways, this is what they would have looked like. These rankings have not been changed in any way since the revealing upsets last weekend.

#1 Ohio State

Nothing has changed for this juggernaut. Only one game matters.

#2 Michigan

Not entirely sure how good these Big 10 teams are, but they have been pretty dominant this year, and have tons of talent. Although Michigan has nice wins over Notre Dame and Wisconsin (two other teams it's been impossible to get a read on).

#3 Louisville

Their huge win over West Virginia means they have earned this lofty position.

#4 Texas

The Big 12 is terrible, but they have continued to win and win and win. Still, I wouldn't want to see them play for the title.

#5 Arkansas

I have no problem writing off that first game. It was virtually impossible with McFadden hurt to the point he was ineffective, and breaking in a new quarterback. They are absolutely dominant now.

#6 Auburn

The first of the less-than-inspiring SEC teams that have managed to win, in what can be a pretty brutal conference.

#7 Rutgers

Still not sure what to think of the Scarlet Knights. Attrition gets them this high.

#8 Florida

The second uninspiring SEC team. They could have a boat load of losses, but have managed to squeak out wins.

#9 Boise St.

It's finally time to debut the Broncos. They have probably been deserving of this honor for quite some time, but we just haven't given them the love, mostly since we expect them to hang out here for the balance of the season.

#10 California

The Bears seem to have cooled down somewhat, but are still pretty intimidating with only one loss, and a load of talent.


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