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Now for a look at the teams not getting as much credit as they deserve, at least so far this season. Keep an eye on this guys as we move into the October schedule.

1) Boise St. I am going to continue to pimp these guys until they soar up the boards. Their two biggest games so far were against Oregon St. and Utah, and they embarrassed both programs, to the tune of a 78-17 combined score. While they have been known as an innovative passing team, it's their running game and defense that is making the difference this year. Ian Johnson (look for him in my underrated players post) has been absolutely electric, and Zabransky has been steady at the quarterback position. They have a couple of tests against Fresno St. and at Nevada, but they should be favored in the rest of their games this year. If they continue their run, and play up to their ability, they have an excellent chance to crash the BCS party. It looks like they'll be taking their bowl show on the road for a change, letting two lesser foes battle on the smurf turf.

2) Houston. If not for their heartbreaking loss at Miami, they'd be a media darling right now. As it is, they've really shown me something. They were a 16 point underdog, and it took a conversion on 4th and inches in the 4th quarter for Miami to squeak this thing out at home. A crucial fumble by Houston while driving deep in Hurricane territory with a 6 point lead was the turning point. Quarterback Kevin Kold is completing almost 70% of his passes, and has almost 1,400 yards with 12 touchdowns and only a single interception. He has over 10,000 passing yards for his career, and has yet to appear on the national radar. He is aided by an innovative passing attack that promises to befuddle defenses in Conference USA for years to come. Coach Art Briles is putting together a tough program, and has led his team to bowl games twice in his three years at the helm. So far this season the Cougars have handed Oklahoma St. their only defeat of the season, and no longer look like schedule fodder for the big conference boys. I'm not saying their going to light the world on fire, but they'll be back in a bowl again this year after a hot 4-1 start. That will only help Briles tap into the incredible talent in the Houston area, and Kolb will have scouts sniffing around come draft season. This program is heading in the right direction.

Will Kevin Kolb have as much success at the next level as
David Klingler? Well, it would be impossible not to. Although,
he will never touch Klinger’s team record for “Most Ridiculous Magazine Cover”.

3) Louisville. They should absolutely be ranked higher than West Virginia. They are going to be favored in that game (and if they aren't, I BEG you to take the points.) It's just ridiculous really. They lost a Heisman candidate running back in their first game, and have kept on plowing ahead. They lost a Heisman candidate quarterback against Miami, and actually increased their lead. They have flat-out dominated every team they have played. Few teams in the country can boast such offensive depth, and no one has a better offensive coach. Petrino is on the short list for coach of the year at this point, and he has the Cardinals believing that they can win a title. They are the top offense in the country despite the injuries they've suffered. They are out-scoring their opposition by over 30 points/game. Compare the attention they get to the love thrown Notre Dame's direction. Or Ohio St.'s. Or Auburn's. They are right there. They really are, and everyone just disses the Big East, even though the have a solid inter-conference record. Remember what happened last year when everyone overlooked WVU and they rolled into the Sugar Bowl ready to make some noise. It's not just the rankings, it also the credit they are given, and the respect they get. And, frankly, they don't get enough.

Honorable Mention:

Navy. I really wanted to include them. I did. I really like what they've done over there, and last year's 8-4 record and bowl victory don't look like an accident. Any time you're winning at a service academy, you are doing something right.


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