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Posted by Walter

I was right about the world's largetst outdoor cocktail party. Georgia is terrible, but Florida is utterly overrated. They are still very soft, and Chris Leak looks like a man who has been completely beaten down by his fan base rabidly calling for his backup all season.

I was wrong about Clemson. They looked just atrocious on Thursday night. Just when we think they might be taking the next step to national relevance, we are reminded that they still have Tommy Bowden as their head coach. His gameplan against VTech was as stupid as it was ridiculous. Against 8 and 9 man fronts hs continually ran the football and threw swing passes on 2nd and long. I didn't see a single vertical pattern all night. Just an utter embarrassment. That said, this team has the talent to be a contender for the national title in 2007.

I was right about Steve Kragthorpe and Tulsa. I annointed them one of the most underrated teams in America during the preseason and their 7-1 record highlighted by a big win against UTEP this week proved me right. Kragthorpe is not long for Tulsa, and is on his way to bigger and better things.

I was wrong about Missouri. Fool me once shame on you Gary Pinkel. Fool me twice shame on me. How did I not see this coming? I don't know. Bob Stoops vs. Gary Pinkel was the mismatch of the week.

I was right about Oklahoma State. What an offense! Nebraska is proving to be nothing great, but the Cowboys did put up 41 on the black shirts. There really are a ton of weapons on this Oklahoma State team in QB Bobby Reid (229 yards 2 TD), RB Dantrell Savage (117 yards 2 TD), and WR Adarius Bowman (86 yards 1 TD). This set of skill position players may be the best kept secret in the country. With games left against Texas (this weekend) and Oklahoma (to close the season), the Cowboys may yet have something to say in this Big 12 race.

I was wrong about Miami. I don't know why I picked them. Perhaps I just couldn't believe they were actually as bad as they have looked. Perhaps I wanted them to win so my Eagles have a built in excuse when they inevitable lose to the Hurricanes in the Orange Bowl (thus costing them their ACC division). Either way, I was wrong.....the Canes stink!

I was right about Oregon. In typical fraud fashion, a week after getting killed by Washington State they roll up 55 points on hapless Portland State. Hope you guys are proud of yourselves. On a side note, Bill Doba's Washington State Cougars had their second straight outstanding win this week, absolutely mauling a UCLA defense that led the Pac-10 in most statistical categories.

I was wrong about Tennessee......this week. The apocalypse is coming for Phil Fulmer and Erik Ainge. It just has to!

I was right about Hawaii. They are just awesome and it's time to start taking a long hard look at Colt Brennan as someone who is more than just a system kid. Brennan currentle leads the NCAA in passing efficiency (185.00), touchdowns ( only 5 INT!!!), and completion percentage (74%), and he is 3rd in yards (2,934). This kid is 6'3'', possesses good zip on his passes, throws a perfect deep ball, and is only a junior. Is it so hard to believe that one of the top 3 quarterback prospects for the 2008 NFL draft plays his college football in Honolulu?

I was wrong about the USC offense. Dwayne Jarrett is a superior talent, but the most indispensible player on that unit is his alter ego Steve Smith. Smith has 40 catches for 680 yards this season, but has played his best football when the Trojans have needed it the most (11 catches for 258 yards and 2 TD vs. Oregon State, and 11 catches for 182 yards and 2 more TD vs. Washington State). I can't wait for some team like the Detroit Lions or Oakland Raiders to choose Jarrett with a top 5 pick, while a more shrewd team like the Patriots or Ravens snages Smith in the 2nd round. Who would you bet on having a better NFL career?


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