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Ok, these are real "quick" picks this week. Some of us actually had to work for a change, and so it's not the usual Frazier content you've all grown to love. Last week was a 5-3 victory, but I expect more out of myself, and so does 323 nation. Anyways, I am a total moron for going against my Costanza thinking, and I promise I will never do that on a non-Saturday game again. Anyways, on to the picks.

Oklahoma +2 AT Missouri

I do NOT believe in Mizzou. I DO believe that teams that meet unexpected success often struggle against teams that traditionally maul them. Stoops has gone from an overrated, to underrated coach pretty damn quickly. It's Sooner time, 20-13.

Georgia Tech -4.5 vs. Miami

I can't pick the Hurricanes. This is the game that will show whether they will turn things around the rest of the year, or whether they are actually horrible. History tells me I should back Miami, but I guess I'm just hoping the king is dead. Also, they have virtually zero offense. Georgia Tech rebounds, 24-16.

Oregon St. +14 vs. USC

I'm taking the points against USC until they blow someone out. It's really that simple. Is Oregon St. any good? Does it even matter, especially at home? USC doesn't break a sweat, again, 28-17.

Georgia +14.5 vs. Florida (In Jacksonville)

Florida hasn't exactly been blowing teams out either these days, and since it's such a rivalry game, I think the Bulldogs come to prove something. They might not be good, but they aren't going to suffer a blowout in this one. Simply too much pride on the line, and they keep it close, but Florida handles them, 21-13.

Nebraska -5.5 AT Oklahoma St.

The good news for Nebraska is that Oklahoma St. is also suffering a let-down after blowing an overtime game to Texas A&M by botching an extra point. So both teams are licking their wounds today. Basically, is Callahan any good at coaching at all? Well, he'll have to show us. OSU has been a streaky team for awhile now, I guess I figure they won't handle adversity well. The Huskers take it, 34-21.

Texas -12 AT Texas Tech

The Red Raiders have really struggled against good programs, even for all their offensive pyrotechnics. And this year they've just struggled in general. The Longhorns have been taking it to weak opponents, and Colt McCoy is at his best against second-rate opposition. Also, any game in Texas is a home game for the Longhorns, they cruise 37-20.

Tennessee -4.5 AT South Carolina

I really do think that Spurrier is going to break through one of these days, and I hate Ainge, and I hate this pick. But I also think that the one game Tennessee is supposed to trip up in is the one they escape. They will be blowing their season later, just not in this one. They slip past, 27-20.

Last week: 5-3
Thursday: 0-1 (as usual)
Season: 25-15-1


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