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Clemson -3.5 over @ Virginia Tech

3.5????? That's it? I know the game is in Blacksburg but have the oddsmakers even been watching the games this season. Virginia Tech has lost 2 of its last 3 games and is playing its worst football in several years. Included in those two losses was a 38-27 beatdown at the hands of Georgia Tech (a team Clemson just slapped around) in Blacksburg. Further, Tech's decision to go with a two quarterback rotation doesn't inspire much confidence. Yes Sean Glennon has been terrible recently (espeically at Boston College), but having him looking over his shoulder every time he misses a reciever isn't going to help his production on the field.

Clemson, on the other hand, is playing some of the best football in the entire nation. Aside from the hiccup in Chestnut Hill, Clemson has been nothing short of dominant.....and getting top WR Chanci Stuckey back will only help. Earlier this week I posited that this Clemson team was showing us what would happen if a big 10 team played in the ACC. Well I've given it some more thought and I can do you one better.....this Clemson team is what would happen if some of the late 1990-early 2000 Wisconsin teams played in the ACC. The similarities to the Badgers are striking. The Tigers have been winning with outstanding offensive line play despite having few big names, and like Wisoconsin it doesn't seem to matter who is toting the rock. Even the passing games are similar. Wisconsin always had explosive reciever play (Chris Chambers, Lee Evans, Tony Simmons), very similar to that of Clemson this season (Stuckey and Aaron Kelley). And I defy you to tell me the difference between Wil Proctor and former Badger QB Jim Sorgi! In fact, has anyone even seen those two in a room together?

This one might be a runaway. Call it Clemson 34-17.


The big man was brave enough to post his non-Saturday pick with mine this week. Probably because I broke through last Friday. Now, my Costanza senses would tell me to pick Virginia Tech, because that's the opposite of what I would normally do. But who said Costanza knew shit about college football? This line is preposterous. I urge you to head down to your local neighborhood bookie and rob him blind on this one. Virginia Tech is playing quarterback russian roulette, there is no way of telling which one will shoot themselves in the foot first. This one is almost too easy, especially after I dissed Clemson last weekend and they destroyed Georgia Tech, oh, and Calvin Johnson didn't have a reception. Now THAT'S a defensive effort. The Hokie home field advantage was shown to be a fraud when the very same Yellow Jackets came to town and walloped the boys from Blacksburg. Clemson is going to eat them for lunch, well, maybe dinner, 34-14.


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