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Back down to earth last week. So now there is no pressure, and I can make lousy picks without anyone really caring. Every week it's tough to pick so many games, since there are some that I would certainly stay away from if I were putting money on the line. Wake's line last week? Yes please! An SEC pick 'em? Hell no! So with that in mind, I'm back out to take some lumps, and hopefully sniff out a few winners.

Virginia Tech -2.5 AT Boston College

This game is pretty simple for me, and there's one reason. In a game with a line of less than a field goal, I have to look at the kickers. Well, BC doesn't have one. What do you call the back-up of a kid who consistently misses extra points? I mean, is he less than terrible? Also, I simply can't lose here. If I'm wrong, than the Hokies lose, and I get to talk shit to a bunch of in-bred rednecks whose only sense of worth in life is an underachieving football team. If they win, I still get to chalk up the W. The Hokies do their Beamer thing, and win it 24-20.

NC State -4 vs. Wake Forest

Ugh, we need to stop doing ACC games until they prove that they have any pulse as a conference. After wins over Florida St. and Boston College, the Wolfpack are looking to maintain their lead in the ACC Atlantic division. It's another home game for them, which is huge since they have had good mojo in that stadium the last couple of weeks. Also, they finally found themselves a quarterback in Daniel Evans. I think Wake has lost momentum after their fourth quarter collapse against Clemson, and the 'Pack take advantage, 28-14.

Ohio St. -15 AT Michigan St.

I am also boycotting further Spartan picks, since it's a fucking coin flip every time. Who knows which version will show up? Well, I have definitely learned to be against John L. Smith and his crew of idiots every chance I get. Ohio St. has been incredibly focused, and have thrived on opponents mistakes. Well, Sparty will definitely make some mistakes, and the Buckeyes are going to turn those into points. Lots of them. Michigan St. can't stop anyone, and certainly won't this week, Ohio St. rolls them 42-17.

Texas A&M +2.5 vs. Missouri

Mizzou ain't going 7-0. I know the Big 12 is pretty lousy, and A&M haven't exactly been great, but these are the kinds of games the Aggies tend to win. They have simply owned the middle of the Big 12 pack for years now, and that's not about to change. Remember, people occassionally think of Dennis Franchione as an excellent coach, and it's because he takes down mediocre and totally unproven undefeated teams. Then he blows a 10 point lead against Texas and ends up getting romped. It's how he rolls, and why the Aggies win, 20-13.

Cal -8 AT Washington St.

The Cougars already had that game where a national power comes to town and they keep it close. It isn't going to happen again. This is the game where the national cry that Cal is better than USC begins, because the Bears will beat Wazzou more efficiently than the Trojans did. They are one of the hottest teams in the country now, and that's going to continue on Saturday. They cruise 37-20.

Auburn vs. Florida (pick 'em)

This is the game where the SEC officially eats their own. Auburn is looking to redeem themselves after getting completely out played against Arkansas, and there will be no better opportunity than this weekend. Tubberville will be telling his troops that they still have a chance to play for the title, but it has to start with a big win over the Gators. Fortunately this one will be at Auburn, which will definitely provide a boost. I think that Auburn hits them in the mouth, and I don't think the Gators have it in them to hit back. Their schedule is simply too brutal, and this is the week where it catches up to them. Tubberville may be right, maybe the SEC does need a playoff (I don't think so) but his boys help to prove his point, and the Tigers pull it off, 17-13.

Arizona St. +18.5 AT USC

What have the Trojans done this year to warrant such a huge spread? I mean, they have been playing Pac 10 teams down to wire for the last couple of weeks, and I see no reason why they're suddenly going to break through and crush someone. I don't like what the Sun Devils are doing, and I don't think they stand a chance in this one, but the Trojans aren't blowing anyone out. USC wins, and probably won't trail for even a second of this one, but the final margin can't match the spread, Trojans walk 34-21.

Michigan -6.5 AT Penn St.

Well, the Nittany Lions won't be able to run against the top rushing defense in the nation. That leaves the fate of this game in the hands of Anthony Morelli. Well, that's a bad thing. The injury to Manningham hurts, but the Wolverine offense is very balanced, and Breaston and Arrington are competent receivers. Mike Hart will keep any defense honest, and Chad Henne has been excellent this year. Penn St. would love this win, and for the national telecast Happy Valley will be rocking. Well, until Michigan starts putting points on the board. They have blown out everyone they've played, and while this one will be closer, it won't be close enough, Wolverines keep rolling, 27-17.

Last week: 4-3-1
Season: 14-9-1


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