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Posted by Walter

Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but given the fact that both Michigan and Ohio State took care of business on the road today those two teams appear to be on a collision course to meet at Ohio State in the last game of the year. Why do I mention this? Well, given the two teams remaining road schedules (Michigan is at Penn State and Indiana, Ohio State is at Michigan State, Illinois, and Northwestern) it appears possible, if not probable, that Ohio State will enter that game #1 and Michigan #2. Ohio State vs. Michigan, #1 vs. #2, with the winner undoubtedly playing for the national title! If it happens, that would be the biggest regular season college football game in the history of the NCAA. Honestly, I simply cannot even comprehend the hype that would surround that game should it take place. My personal biases notwithstanding (I hate Ohio State), I am 100% rooting for those two teams the rest of the year just so we could witness this monumental matchup!


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