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Ok, I have been corresponding with a couple of fellow state employees about college football issues. Anyways, I thought I'd put them up here, since they involve some pretty solid research, and are the kind of debate and discussion we here at the 323 love. So if you ever have a beef, want to correct some mistake we've made (probably the big man's) or otherwise want to sound off, feel free to drop a line to our official e-mail:


Anonymous State Employee A:

Dude, I HAAATE BC. Oh my God do I hate them. I was there last night, and I think it says way more about VT than it does about BC. They will now be one of the most overrated teams in the Top 25. Plus, their only two hard games remaining are against Florida State and Miami teams that are in shambles.

VT had nearly 100 yards in penalties and 4 turnovers (3 of which in their own territory), just sloppy, sloppy, sloppy football. And we're not exactly talking about a hostile place to play, Alumni Stadium is weak...and so were the Hokies. The real test for BC will be to see how they do in Tallahassee next week. I, for one, will be hoping they get absolutely throttled.

But I suppose not even a school like BC can play in the Bowl out in Idaho three years in a row.



They probably wouldn't let them anyways. Virginia wasn't allowed to return to the Continental Tire Bowl in Charlotte for a third straight year, because sponsors want to find other teams. Even though we brought good crowds and were 2-0. Which is how we ended up in Boise. And being in Boise in late December made us not care, so we didn't try, which was uber-embarrassing since we were #18 in the country, playing on blue turf during a fucking snow squall, and quitting against an unranked opponent. Yeah, Al Groh kind of sucks as a coach.

Also, I really don't like BC either. I didn't even bother watching the game, I just can't deal with either of those teams.

Also, the Eagles should be kicking themselves for that loss to NC State. The ACC is weak, weak, weak, and BC definitely has a shot to run the table. Which would have been an amazing story, and put them suddenly in the world of title talk, but that loss will leave them on the second tier (at best) no matter what they do from here on out. Of course they seem to be the kind of team that will blow another game or two just because they can't pull themselves together, so I wouldn't be surprised by a Seminole victory.

Oh, and Alumni Stadium IS weak. Anyone who says otherwise is a blatant homer.


Anonymous State Employee B:

I am no Ted Ginn, Jr. apologist -- the guy needs to prove he's not the next Peter Warrick -- but don't you think if Anthony Gonzalez got double-covered every play and Ginn got single coverage, that he would tear up any team he played?

Gonzalez is going up against the second-best corner on each team, which in college ball is often a big dropoff from the best corner. They give him a huge cushion because of his speed, and he catches short passes then gains YAC. Ginn would do the same thing if Gonzalez drew a safety every play.



Calvin Johnson gets the best coverage on the field and puts up ridiculous numbers. So does Manningham. So does Jarrett. Gonzalez is still an excellent player, and maybe they should stop rotating coverages towards Ginn so much. Also, he is dealing with two full years of unjustified hype. Remember when everyone flipped out about him and Santonio Holmes was shredding secondaries? Yeah, I do. He really hasn't shown me anything yet. And remember, Warrick was a very, very productive college player (and was doubled all year). It just turned out he wasn't actually fast. Now, Ginn is legitimately speedy, but that doesn't mean you're automatically a great receiver.

I'd love to have Ginn on my team. And I'd especially love it if everyone kept buying the hype, rotating their coverages, and allowing me to pick them apart with another excellent receiver until they realized their mistake once my team was up by fourteen. Which is why Tressel is probably more than happy to feed the media frenzy.

When Ginn tears up a team, any team, then I'll reconsider. But great receivers do it against the best the other team has to offer. If he wants to be great, he has to do that.

Thanks for supporting us. Tell your friends.

Anonymous State Employee B:

Five catches for 97 yards and a touchdown against the #2 team in the nation might not be "tearing up"
Texas, but it's damn close. I see your point, though.

I'm less concerned with his putting up big numbers than I am about his jukes and fakes and general Boobie Miles-esque antics. Catch the ball and run forward, Teddy! Drop your shoulder and try to run someone over! But for goodness' sake, don't catch a quick out, jump backwards four yards and shimmy until the entire linebacker corps is sitting on your face (and telling you that they love you).



Gonzalez DID tear up Texas, for 8 grabs, 142 yards and a score. Ginn has been over 100 yards twice this year against lesser opposition (N. Illinois and Bowling Green). And only once last year against a hopeless defense (Illinois). Ok, I skipped the Fiesta Bowl, where he was great, but that game was such an offensive showcase that it's hard to take any of those stats seriously.

Also, Jarett Dillard of the mighty Rice Owls had 9 catches for 90 yards and a touchdown against the mighty Longhorns. Austin Flynn of Iowa St. had 7 catches for 90 yards against that same D. I’m just saying, Ginn’s effort does not justify the “tearing up” tag.

Manningham has 3 100 yard games this year (Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Minnesota) and another last year as a freshman (Wisconsin). His best games have come against his best opposition this year.

Calvin Johnson has 4 100 yard games this year (Notre Dame, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Maryland) the only games he didn't go over 100? Weak sisters Troy and Samford. He plays best against the best teams. He also had 3 100 yard games as a sophomore, and another 3 100 yard games as a freshman. I could go on (Jarrett, 10 100 yard performances in his 3 years, and in 2 national title games he has combined for 15 catches, 236 yards and 2 touchdowns, etc...) But I think I've made my point.

And you're right, Ginn and others like him are more into making highlight reel plays than benefiting their team. That's why I like guys like the others I mentioned, who make great catches and generally try to get up field. NFL linebackers will have a field day with Ginn, since they'll be on him within miliseconds if he tries any of that crap. I'd actually like to see Ginn in the running game more, but I bet they are saving that stuff for the Wolverines. He IS an electric player, just not all the time, which people tend to forget.

Yeah, you could say I've got some time on my hands.

Anonymous State Employee B:

I totally agree with all that you're saying. And I’ve got plenty of time too. Good times.


The 191 (the number of Tressel's wins)


Thanks for the support. The 191 is always welcome at the 323. (Wow, more wins than I would have guessed).


Not to split hairs, but Tressel's 191 victories includes his wins at Division 1AA Youngstown State. And frankly, those wins comprise most of that figure. So let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Hate to burst your bubble, big man, but those wins will soon count on Tressel's behalf. This is why some people get mad that Bowden's 31 wins at Stamford count in his 1-A all-time record. But it's how the NCAA plays ball. Here is an excerpt from an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from a couple years back:

"Rick Campbell of the NCAA explained:

"Once you have 10 years at a major [Division I-A] school, all your wins at any four-year school at which you coached count on the all-time listing. It just so happens that all of Paterno's wins came on the Division I-A level. But that's not the case with most coaches."

Using the NCAA's logic, if John Gagliardi of St. John's of Minnesota, who has won 388 games on the Division III level, was hired to coach a Division I-A school and was 0-110 in 10 years before being fired, he would leave the profession as the winningest Division I-A coach." (

Wait a minute, so that means that if John L Smith coaches 6 more years at Michigan State, then goes on to win 400 gaves at the division three level he would be the alltime wins leader? There's still hope for you boy Frazier. Holla!

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