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Posted by Walter

I was right about Texas' loss of Tarelle Brown. The Longhorns had enough secondary talent to hold Ted Ginn in check somewhat (he did have a TD though), but were really hurt by Anthony Gonzalez. Gonzalez was the player who killed the Longhorns on Sat night (8 catches, 142 yds., 1 TD), not Ginn (5 catches, 97 yds., 1 TD).

I was wrong about the Texas running game being able to keep them in the game. While they did average 5.5 ypc and generally push around the Buckeye defense, I did not take into account the fact that OSU's best counter for the UT running game would be their explosive offense forcing the Longhorns to throw the ball.

I was right about the Auburn-Miss. St. game....almost eerily so. Not only did I correctly predict an Auburn blowout, but I also called the shutout, and the big game from Brandon Cox. Forgive me for missing slightly on the score (I said 30-0, it was 35-0).

I was wrong about the other SEC game I predicted. As pedestrian as the Georgia offense looked under the direction of the323 whipping boy Joe Tereshinski, they were the much better team against South Carolina. Steve Spurrier just does not have enough talent to compete on a national recognition level just yet.

I was right about Fresno State running back Dwayne Wright. For those of you haven't seen him play yet you are missing out. In fact Mr. Wright has officially become my official the323 favorite (call him the anti-Tereshinski). Wright stands 6'1'' and 225 lbs. and runs like a man demonically possessed. The next time I see the first tackler bring him down will be the first. He torched a solid Oregon defense for 154 yards and 1 TD in a losing effort.

I was wrong about the rest of this game....kind of. While it goes in the books as a wrong prediction for me, if not for a special teams brain fart (trying to recover a blocked FG) Fresno not only covers the spread for this game, but they probably win outright. I am still not sold on Oregon, although I will admit defeat if they beat Oklahoma.

I was right about Arizona. They play hard on defense but QB Willie Tuitama gave LSU more points (7-INT return) than they Wildcats scored (3).

I was wrong about Penn State. Although not as much as Frazier so I will let him eat most of the crow for that one.

I was right about BC-Clemson. I had the pleasure of watching this game live and let me tell you it was the most fun I've ever had in my life. Clemson played well, but BC won the game on the back of their power running game. The best player on the field Saturday was BC guard Josh Beekman. Any time the Eagles needed to run the ball they did so behing Beekman. He paved the way for first downs, and eventually the winning points. Clemson lost the game because they couldn't run the ball to kill the clock when they needed to......well that and a breakdown on their PAT team.


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